Tom Schieffer Raises Nearly $800,000 in First Part of Campaign

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Tom Schieffer is running for Governor and has been largely unopposed since announcing. Currently the other filed candidates include Mark Thompson and Kinky Friedman.  

Schieffer has announced he has raised nearly $800,000 in contributions and loans.  The amount he has loaned his campaign has not be announced nor has the always important cash on hand total.

What is clear is Schieffer has more early money than any other Democratic primary candidate and he is putting together a war chest faster and earlier than Democrats did in 2006.

Here is the announcement in full:

It gives me the greatest pleasure to announce that my campaign has raised almost $800,000 in contributions and loans for this reporting period.

I am especially heartened by the fact that this money was raised during some very difficult times in Texas.  People are worried about the economy, jobs, insurance rates, health care and utility costs.  Still, enough people believed in what we are doing to invest their hard earned dollars in our cause.  They did not give because I had the advantage of incumbency nor did they give because I held one office and was running for another.  They gave us these resources because they believe I can lead a cause that will change Texas for the better.  I am humbled by their confidence and will do everything I can to merit their continued support.

I am equally heartened by the diverse and distinguished group of Democrats who have agreed to chair the three components of my organization.  Gilberto Hinojosa, former County Judge of Cameron County and member of the Democratic National Committee, has agreed to Co-Chair my statewide campaign along with long time Democratic activist Susan Longley of Austin.  Former Speaker of the House Pete Laney of Hale Center and the Dean of Texas House Democrats, Representative Senfronia Thompson of Houston, who is also a member of the Democratic National Committee, will head up our Senior Advisory Committee, while former Ambassador Lyndon Olson, Jr. of Waco and Fort Worth civic leader Alann Sampson are co-chairing our Finance Committee.

These leaders represent the diversity and promise of Texas.  They come from rural and urban areas.  They have experience in the law, business, farming, politics, the clergy and the community.  They believe in a Texas where everyone has a right to sit at the table and they have come together to change Texas.  I am delighted to have their support, and I would be honored to carry the Democratic banner into next year's General Election.

Update: Sources inside the campaign are saying Shcieffer has $454,155 cash on hand.

Update 2 (By Michael): I just realized that this post was never updated with any loan info for Schieffer.  So, sorry about this being significantly later than we could have gotten it out there.  But Mr. Schieffer received $200,000 in a loan, the loan being from Lyndon Olson.


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  1. expecting much more
    thought his number would be in the $2m range. ignoring my high expectations, not a bad number at all.

    not quite sure what to make of this yet. makes one suspect that certain contributors or dollar amounts were held off until AFTER 6/30.

    not specifying the loan(s) seems disingenuous at worst, or at least misleading.

    will be interesting to see from whom this money came.

    i hope Clay Robison isn't writing this crap. really vapid stuff. you got clay, you use clay. this is a horrible read.

    • politicsforjim on

      Not bad
      Not great.  But at least it's real money, shows that he's actually raising and makes it kind of a non-story.  

  2. Where did the money go?
    If he raised $800 k and only has $454 k on hand, where did $350 k go? Doesn't reporting $800 k mean he collected $800 k?

    • sorry about that…was looking at the wrong document
      When I look at the accurate document — and this is just a quick glance right now — it looks like the most significant single expenditures are consulting fees, salaries, and website/technology fees for the most part.  Then again, that's just a quick glance.

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