Mini-KBH Announces $6.7 Million Raised ($12.5 CoH), Will Run For Real in August

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Also — not outside, and no crowd. OK, it's hot and she's not used to the Texas heat. But then why block out those few supporters she does have from the camera view? KBH fail.

2:23pm –  Asked about what she will do since Perry is winning and seems to be succeeding on anti-Washington rhetoric, Hutchison replies:

“I'm going to take it to the Governor on the anit-Washington rhetoric…I'm not talking, I'm doing.”

Action?? Sitting on the fence for the past 8 years while you twiddled your thumbs about whether or not to run is not action, Senator. And Governor cyborg is going to run circles around you on the campaign trail.

2:10 pm – Hutchison has announced raising $6.7 million from January to June, will have $12.5 million cash-on-hand. She will run for Governor (for real) starting in August.

She blew it. Numbers aren't nearly high enough — she needed at least $15 million cash-on-hand, and have outraised Perry 2:1 over the last six months. She has done neither. All those months she wasted. Perry is goin to win this.

2:05pmKBH has already screwed up the “livestream” — what a terrible angle. Can't even see the whole total. How hard is it to do this??

2:02pm – Wow. Could her campaign look more like a student council election? She must have A DOZEN supporters in this picture. She couldn't make an announcement in front of the crowd? Is it because she hasn't been in Texas in so long that she can't stand the heat, or because she can't gather a real crowd.


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  1. Lets not throw stones.
    I don't believe we should settle for Kay Bailey Hutchison just because she is better than Rick Perry. We must elect a Democrat in 2010 to have real change and move this state forward.

    Having said that, Hutchison has $12.5 million on hand and has raised about $1.1 million a month this year. Before we say that she did a bad job, lets look at our own candidates and how they are doing. How much has Tom Schieffer raised? How about Kinky Friedman? Does Mark Thompson even have a bank account?

    We can't criticize Hutchison's fundraising when our own is much much worse. Either we need to recruit a better candidate such as Kirk Watson or Ronnie Earle, or we need to start making Schieffer's fundraising on par with Hutchison and Perry.

    We have the better candidates and may soon have even better ones, but we must make them equal in resources for them to have a chance, or else Hutchison's messily $12.5 million is going to completely overpower us in November of 2010.

    • Partially agreed
      We need to do a good job raising money. But you have to realize how much money Perry & Hutchison are going to burn on each other.

      Also0, a Texas Democrat must raise real money — absolutely. But we've won races around the state when we've been outspent. We need money to compete, and really push voter registration, turnout at the polls, and message. If we have that, then we can win.

      • agreed on all counts
        I also think that Perry's 9.7 million cash on hand and Hutchison's 12.5 million cash on hand will all be exclusively used for the Republican primary, with a vast majority for negative advertising.

  2. Right and Wrong
    I agree with PM's assessments about the presentation. It is like the before on those makeover shows.

    But your assertion about how much she needed to raise is random. Why THAT amount? It doesn't seem grounded to me.

    The Sanchez-Perry gubernatorial election was $100 million plus. Rick demonstrated he could raise $40 million from the GOPers and that was before some of them bolted to KBH.  I think their primary will be $60 million total unless a wildcard gets in to split the vote and force a runoff which would add to the cost.

    September 1 is the traditional first day of campaigning in Texas state races. I fail to see how KBH is on her deathbed for failure to double down on Rick.

  3. Speaking of Heat
    I love this!

    Thank you, Kirk Watson. That's one very cool message! Something we all need in heat like this. I enjoyed receiving it in my Inbox today. 🙂

  4. politicsforjim on

    This was pathetic…
    …not the numbers, they're respectable…but the treatment on this blog and the commentary make me want to stick my fingers down my throat. When are people going to finally wake up that a) Kay Bailey Hutchison is not a Democrat or anything close to it, b) just because she is a woman doesn't make her a good candidate for anything (she is not pro choice despite what you might have heard); and she is going to lose to Rick Perry in the primary, creating a great Democratic opportunity?  Kirk Watson, we need you to annouce now!

  5. Rahm McDaniel on

    Watson does not need to get in now.
    Watson needs to get in in September, when people are paying attention again. No product launches in summertime.  

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