New Organizing Institute….Why Young Progressives Just Get It

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I am in Washington, DC at the new organizing institute learning cutting-edge new media tactics. This is one example of how the progressive community continues dominate online organizing.

The 60 participants, selected from over 600 applicants, are charged with creating and executing simulated campaigns for Mayor of DC. The difference between normal DC campaigns and the New Organizing Institute's mock campaign is the candidates' are comic book superheroes.

One of those superheroes is “The Atom.” Members of The Atom for DC Campaign work diligently to create a website, Facebook page, Myspace, and twitter account for their superhero featured in DC comics.  In the following days the six campaign staffers for The Atom will create and execute their campaign strategy to attempt win the online election to be held on Friday, July 10th, from 7a.m. EST to 6p.m. EST at

“The candidates may be fake, but the issues are real and we encourage DC residents and the online community to join our online election on Friday,” said Judith Freeman, Executive Director for the New Organizing Institute.

This is another example of how young progressives are on the cutting edge of online organizing through social networking sites, and sophisticated outreach tools. Our website integrates YouTube videos we created, in addition to a constituent database that allows us to target our e-mail and social network campaign with the hopes that our content will go viral.                  


In addition to The Atom for DC Campaign, staffs for opposition superhero candidates prepare to make their case. To take a candidate “viral” staff members work to increase the number of website views, friends on Facebook and e-mail signups through their websites.


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