Kim Limberg Announces for Texas House District 105

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Below please find a copy of the press release Kim Limberg issued last week in her announced bid for Texas House District 105 in Dallas County:


Members of the Press Greetings!    

I write to announce my Candidacy for State Representative for District 105 in Irving, Texas.   District 105 is a key player in this election cycle.  After years of serving in the Democratic Party I'm excited about finally running.

Why am I running?  I want to go to the front lines where the laws are made, so I can defend our Democratic ideals.

I will work to improve and protect our environment, our public education and our transportation infrastructure.  These are the keys to good health, a thriving democracy and our freedom of movement.  I will work to maintain the separation between what is public and what is private.  And above all I will defend our basic rights.

Job creation in the three sectors mentioned are the right direction to take.  More jobs in education, public infrastructure, and sustainable living (from energy to recycling and producing ever more efficient products).

I will work to be in sync with the Obama Administration to maximize our ability to tap any resources, incentives or stimulus packages that are offered.

These are just a few of the many important issues we are facing.  For more details, please check out the Issues page as I continue to build my website.

What qualifies me?  Besides the passion, my years of public service has given me the opportunity to listen and respond to the needs of many from elected officials to the general public.  As a professional engineer with over 21 years of service with the Texas Department of Transportation, I have the technical expertise to understand and find solutions to our transportation issues.  As a parent, I am determined to give our children the best public education I can.  As a wife and mother of three, I am committed to fighting for the health of our families by working toward a better environment and encouraging a sustainable lifestyle.  My passion to act on these issues in a direct way, together with my real life experiences as an mother, an engineer, and an environmentalist make me a good fit for Irving.  

I am a life long resident of Dallas County, who has enjoyed serving the Irving community since moving here 13 years ago.  For more about me click on the Green Ribbon and check out the About Kim webpage.

To practice good environmental stewardship, I am running a Green campaign by minimizing paper use and maximizing web, email and phone use.  The Green Ribbon will symbolize this effort.  I challenge all other candidates to do the same.

I would be honored to have your endorsement.  Please solidify your decision to support my campaign, by endorsing me for State Representative for District 105.    

With your help I can get to the front lines and represent you.

Thank You, and have a great day!

Kim Limberg

Kim Limberg Campaign

Contact Info:


Kim Limberg Campaign

1910 Cartwright St

Irving, Texas 75062





NOTE:  Kim is running against a 24-year old from San Antonio who just recently moved to the Irving area.  Kim is the only Majority-Minority candidate so far whose announced in this Majority-Minority District.  A 46-year old wife and mother of 3, Kim is a Civil Engineer and long-time community activist in the Irving area (resident of Irving for 13 years, lifelong resident of Dallas County).  


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