Tom Schieffer Launches Bid for Governor in Fort Worth

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Ed. Note:  So, yea.  My video quality was terrible.  But, Schieffer's website had a good version.

With a backdrop of Luella Elementary school and under a blistering hot Texas sun, former Ambassador Tom Schieffer declared his run for the Democratic nomination for governor this morning before a diverse crowd of Tarrant County elected officials, supporters, and elementary school children.

Tom Schieffer – Announcement Speech from Tom for Texas on Vimeo.


Introduced by former State Representative Dan Barrett, Schieffer channeled his neighborhood roots to declare that…  

A lot has changed in the world since I went to school in this neighborhood.  The economy has globalized.  The best product and the best price are never more than a few clicks away on the Internet.  Everything moves faster.  But a lot of things haven't changed.  People still have faith.  People still believe in the American dream, people still want a better life for their children, and the Democratic Party still offers people the best chance to realize their dreams.


Arguably the biggest hill that the Bush era Ambassador must climb is convincing Democrats that his friendship with the former president doesn't dictate his politics or his Party loyalties:

I am a Democrat-as Sam Rayburn used to say without prefix, suffix or apology-and I think it is time we all had a governor.


Schieffer laid down the foundation, complete with some populist themes, for why he is the best candidate to succeed:

If we nominate a candidate who can appeal to the broad middle ground of Texas, if we nominate a candidate who understands the importance of education to the future of our children and our economy, if we nominate a candidate who understands the hopes and dreams of labor as well as the hopes and dreams of entrepreneurs, if we nominate a candidate who recognizes the importance of tolerance and civility to our society, if we nominate a candidate who will ask our citizens to put the interests of Texas above the interests of politics and personal gain, then we can win the governor's office in 2010.

With the announcement yesterday by Senator Leticia Van de Putte that she will not challenge Schieffer for the Democratic nomination, yet float Senator Kirk Watson as a potential worthy opponent, the former baseball executive has a very short window to gather momentum for his campaign and fend any opponent away from this particular race.  If he fails in that effort this field will become crowded, whether it be Watson or anyone else.  If he succeeds then it could be an easier road toward the nomination for Tom Schieffer.      


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  1. Location
    I am all for Schieffer announcing in his home town but the location and time was very inconvenient. It was in far west Fort Worth during rush hour traffic. Anyone from Dallas, Plano, or Garland had no chance of attending unless they were willing to drive for an hour + in morning traffic. Should have been at noon and closer to downtown Fort Worth IMHO. I would have gone if that had been the case.

  2. Schieffer talking about “globalization”
    Like it's the new buzz word? Maybe he's like “back to the future,” since he wasn't part of the American culture for 8 years?

    He also says he wants us to “join his (our) cause.” Being governor of Texas is a “cause”? I don't feel his passion for these words. I feel nothing. Sorry.

  3. Schieffer vs. Hightower
    From the in this June 11th commentary:

    “He can raise some money,” Hightower said, “but we went that route with Tony Sanchez,” the Laredo businessman who largely self-financed his 2002 bid.

    A hurdle for some Democrats is Schieffer's background as the Bush administration's ambassador to Australia and Japan after working for George W. Bush with the Texas Rangers.

    Generally, Hightower said, “it's a message problem. Guys like that don't have a prayer of connecting with regular folks.”

    Schieffer, a former Texas House member, said he's lately busily connected with folks.

    Hightower, the former state agriculture commissioner, “obviously has run for statewide office,” Schieffer said. “But he's been living in New York City. He may be a little out of contact with regular folks.”

    Hightower said he's lived at the same Austin address since 1976. “Clueless,” he said.[emphasis added.]

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