Polls Show Most Texans Are Undecided in Governor, U.S. Senate Races

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New polling from Texas Lyceum suggests that Texans have yet to focus on the upcoming elections for Governor and a possible U.S. Senate special election. Of course, since the primaries are still nine months away, it is hard to blame them. There may be some problems with the methodology of these polls, but it never hurts to take a look.

Texas Governor (Republican Primary)

Rick Perry 33%
Kay Bailey Hutchison 21%
Leo Berman 1%

Undecided  45%

Even in a race where two candidates are very well known throughout the state, close to half of the Republican primary voters remain undecided, according to the poll. I believe 21 percent is a low water mark for Hutchison's polling. With so many undecideds, however, it may not be very significant.

Texas Governor (Democratic Primary)

Kinky Friedman 10%
Tom Schieffer 6%
Leticia Van de Putte 3%

Undecided  81%

Polling with 81 percent undecideds is almost a waste of time. Although Van de Putte declined to enter the race yesterday, I think most people believe she would have been able to defeat Friedman and Schieffer handily had she decided to run.

Given that he received over 12 percent in his run for Governor in 2006 and his name ID is much higher than the others, Kinky's numbers here are not too impressive. 

U.S. Senate (Special Election)

Bill White 9%
Greg Abbott 4%
David Dewhurst 4%
Elizabeth Ames Jones 3%
Roger Williams 3%
Florence Shapiro 2%
John Sharp 2%
Michael Williams 2%

Undecided 71%

With a margin of error of 6 percent and 71 percent undecided, it is hard to learn much from this poll. The poll confirms that most people just haven't tuned into this yet to be called special election.  At this point in the race, Democrats can be happy that Bill White has by now raised over $3 million and that he and John Sharp have a sizeable advantage in cash on hand over every Republican.


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  1. I saw today
    that Leo Berman has endorsed Rick Perry, which I guess meant that he has dropped out.

    So who will get his coveted 1%!

  2. whoa ho
    questions about methodology is right!!!

    wow wah wee wah

    i don't doubt the basic premise of the poll….pero you must consider that if one is not inclined to vote in ANY primary or vote in the Dem primary…one cannot expect them to offer a reasonable thought on the race.

    i love the texas lyceum and they do a great job of advancing real thought on the big issues facing our state.

    i think if they will release the crosstabs we can have a better idea about how folks stand.

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