Seemingly Chastised, Cornyn Cozies Up To Far-Right Senate Candidate in PA

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It hasn't been an easy job for John Cornyn to lead up the NRSC, trying to staunch the bleeding for the Republicans in the upper chamber. He just can't seem to get a break!

First, he endorses the more-moderate Charlie Crist over far-right lunatic Mario Rubio in the Florida Senate primary, pissing off the base and causing right-wing bloggers to start a boycott of the NRSC. Then, he mangles an invite for Sarah Palin to a big fundraising dinner. Oops.

Well, now, it seems Cornyn is going to play nice with the far-right Republican, in the form of support for Pat Toomey, Republican candidate for Senate in PA. Toomey, you may recall, was planning to primary Sen. Arlen Specter as a vastly, vastly more conservative choice. Specter figured he'd lose and flipped to the Democrats, where he'll now likely face a primary on the left from Congressman Joe Sestak. The Washington Times reports that Cornyn has started donated to Toomey's campaign:

There was similar criticism in party ranks when Mr. Cornyn did not endorse conservative anti-tax advocate Pat Toomey, a former congressman who will be the likely Republican nominee in Pennsylvania after Sen. Arlen Specter's decision to defect to the Democrats. But last week, Mr. Cornyn quietly sent a $5,000 contribution to the Toomey campaign from his own political action committee.(Emphasis mine.)

While Cornyn continues to demure on an outright endorsement, he seems to be minding his P's and Q's on this one, supporting the far-right candidate who has already helped gain a seat for the Democrats in Arlen Specter.

Toomey is largely considered to be unelectable for the seat. He's far to the right of the Pennsylvania electorate, and is a happy endorsee of the Club For Growth, who have a long-standing history of backing conservative primary candidates who lose in the general.

But don't worry. Despite his string of mistakes, screw-ups, and failures, Cornyn will continue undaunted, leading the Republican Party into oblivion.

“I didn't come to Washington to be a wallflower, but to show what one person can do to turn things around. I felt this was the place where I could be most productive,” [Cornyn] said.

He is totally helping to turn things around… For the Democrats! Keep it up, Big John!  


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