After Meeting, Hutchison Still Unsure about Sotomayor Vote

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A couple weeks ago, Katherine wondered whether Senator Hutchison would vote to confirm Judge Sotomayor as the first Latina to the Supreme Court of the United States.  Today, after our senior senator met with Ms. Sotomayor, it seems like Ms. Hutchison is wondering, too.

From today's article:  

She has remained noncommittal about whether the judge will win her support this time.  There could be political implications as Hutchison tries to topple Gov. Rick Perry in the GOP primary next March. Many conservatives oppose Sotomayor, but voting against her could anger Hispanic voters – a fast-growing segment of the Texas population that could be important in the general election.  Hutchison said after today’s meeting that she hasn’t yet had a chance to fully review Sotomayor's rulings from her years on the federal bench, and she will "continue to listen and see if I can't get more of an idea on those issues."

So, is Hutchison really taking the time to look through Judge Sotomayor's rulings throughout her years on the bench, which would end with the obvious conclusion that Judge Sotomayor is extremely qualified for the job?  Or, perhaps, as both Katherine and Marjorie Korn of the Dallas Morning News mentioned, is she looking at the political consequences?

Perhaps she's doing both, but it's odd she hasn't taken a stand yet, especially because she so easily voted against Sotomayor in 1998.  She also is trying to become the next Texas Governor, a person that is supposed to lead, not a person that should pander while taking a long time to make what should be an easy decision.

A verdict on Hutchison is only becoming more clear; one that we already know at the Burnt Orange Report…


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