Perry Points to Possible Mico-Special Session

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Mike Ward wrote today about the possibility of a special session call that could be as short as 1 or 2 days.

Talking to a reporters at the Capitol at mid-morning, Perry was asked whether a short special session – perhaps just one or two days in length – will be possible.

Perry said a short session is the hope. By getting an agreement between legislative leaders on a bill beforehand, he said, could make the length quick.

If Perry is pushing for a micro-special session it means a couple things. One, voter suppression is likely off the table.  Two, this special would be called entirely to clean up David Dewhurst's and Joe Strauss' mess. Three, Perry wants to be out of the capitol and on the campaign trail as much as possible.

According to the Statesman, this special would be focused on passing the sunset safety net that failed to pass in the final hours of the 81st regular session.

Perry confirmed Tuesday that a special session will be necessary to reauthorize or extend the Texas Department of Transportation, the Department of Insurance and three other agencies that were targeted to shut down because a so-called “safety net” bill was not approved on the legislative session's final day on June 1.

No word yet on how much a micro-special will cost the taxpayers.  


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  1. Kay Bailey
    criticized the need for it at all.

    Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison asserted Wednesday that if she – rather than Rick Perry – had been governor, there would be no need to call lawmakers back to Austin to complete vital business.

    “I would hope not,” she said. “Because I would be hands-on, working hard through the session and I would be working with the Legislature, which is what I think the governor should do.”

    Why don't they just do a Webinar?  

  2. How about letting nominations approve the SBOE Chair too?
    If he will name a reasonable chair to the SBOE, they can knock that out in a day as well.

    I suspect he will hold off so he can appoint a chair that can serve without senate approval for 18 months. He's just that kind of guy.

  3. On one hand, on the other hand
    I think it would be great of silly contentious issues such as “Voter ID” are not put on the table for a special session.

    But can't we just not put it on the table, and have a substantive session?  Rick Perry is trying to put a bandaid on problems, and he wants certain leaders to make the bandaid without letting all the representatives give their input.  We elect both our Senators and Representatives to make better law for Texas, and that simply can't happen when you're dealing with 2+ state agencies in 1 or 2 days.

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