BOR Writer Todd Hill Heads to DC as Archer Fellow

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The Burnt Orange Report is pleased and excited to announce that one of our writers, Todd Hill, was selected to be an Archer Fellow through the University of Texas at Arlington.  Todd will leave for Washington, DC next year on January 4, 2010, and return on April 26th, 2010.  BOR wishes to congratulate Todd on this prestigious honor.

The Bill Archer Fellowship is a highly competitive and prestigious internship program named after former congressman Bill Archer.  Upon his retirement after 30 years representing the 7th Congressional District, Archer wished to leave a lasting legacy both in DC and within his alma-mater, the University of Texas higher education system.  The Archer Fellowship is considered one of the highest honors a political science major can receive within the University of Texas school system.  Todd will either intern at the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee, The Department of Homeland Security or the White House Office of Communications.  

The Fellowship, although prestigious, is also quite expensive. Todd is the first in his family to graduate from college and has worked very hard to support himself through college while also co-founding and leading the Mid-Cities Democrats PAC in Northeast Tarrant County.  Todd has contributed a number of great blog pieces since he joined the BOR family in early 2007 and we've been happy to have him as part of the Texas Blogosphere.  Todd will continue his writing while he is in Washington DC so we look forward to hearing his perspective and following him while he is in our nation's capitol next year.

We here at Burnt Orange Report want to show our support by helping him to raise the funds he needs to cover the expenses of the Archer Fellowship and help him live in Washington while he is away.  Todd has set a goal to raise $11,000 before he leaves in January 2010 and is already working hard toward reaching that goal, treating it like a candidate fundraising campaign (naturally).

Burnt Orange Report encourages you to chip in some money and help Todd get to Washington DC and pursue this tremendous opportunity that he has earned.  Check out Todd's website at and learn more about Todd's contributions to the progressive movement, the Archer program, and his fundraising goals.  We hope you'll consider joining the Burnt Orange team in contributing toward Todd's fundraising goal today.    

P.S. Remember, Todd's not leaving until next year, so he's making this a multi-faceted fundraising campaign and BOR readers are not on the hook for all $11,000! Since state PACS can make contributions as well, local ones in the metroplex will be helping Todd out. That also means the TexBlog PAC could help, too. In any case, consider giving today.


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  1. count me in
    Strother & Company is in for $50.

    Come on you freaking deadbeats!!!!

    pretend i took an indefensible position and attacked you personally.

    get motivated and give todd some money.

  2. Cache
    I forgot that browsers often cash the widget so it won't always reflect the newest total raised. Clearing the cache or doing a hard refresh can do the trick if anyone wants to see the latest update.

      • Thank you
        Thanks to BOR, KT, Matt, Phillip and the rest of the team for this very generous plug.  And all their support.

        Colin, awesome donation!  Thank you.

        I've had some additional donations come in so the ChipIn doesn't totally reflect the amount raised so far.  

        I also had a few folks ask if they could just send a check and they certainly can.

        I have appointed a treasurer, Miki Hawkins, to handle the finance side of things.  Accountability and transparency are very important to me in this process.  

        Direct checks can be made out to “Todd Hill, Archer Fellowship” and sent to P.O. Box 85, Bedford, TX 76095.

        KT wasn't joking when he said I'm running this like a campaign.  

        Thanks BOR community for the generosity you are displaying.


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