Falwell Asks College Democrats to Apologize for being Kicked Off Campus

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After a conference call with the officers of the College Democrats at Liberty University yesterday, Chancellor Falwell asked students to apologize for saying they were kicked off campus. After much national outrage at Liberty's actions, they are the ones now demanding that students apologize to them.

In addition to emphasizing how the students are not allowed to organize anymore, Chancellor Falwell stated that the group's affiliation with the Democratic National Committee is one of the main reasons the student organization was revoked.

The College Democrats of America are launching an email campaign to let Chancellor Falwell know that we stand behind the right to free speech and represent religious and political values.

The College Democrats of America sent this out last night:

Today the members of the Liberty University College Democrats met with Chancellor Falwell. Currently the administration is standing behind their decision from last week to suspend the college democrats from their campus for their affiliation with CDA and the DNC. We are working closely to assist our fellow Democrats through negotiations with administrators. We are asking that you help the College Democrats at Liberty University by sending the following e-mail to Chancellor Falwell. Together we can send a message that democrats come in every shape, size, color, and religion.

Please share this e-mail with your chapter members, friends and supporters of College Democrats. We hope to send as many e-mails as possible to clearly show our support for the College Democrats right to exist at Liberty University.

Please send an e-mail now!

Katie Naranjo & The CDA National Executive Board


E-mail address: chancellor@liberty.edu

E-mail Text:

Dear Chancellor Falwell,

Last week you suspended the chapter of College Democrats at Liberty University. As a student at _________ I am deeply concerned by this decision. The students at Liberty University are dedicated to their Christian beliefs, ideals, values, and candidates represented by the Democratic Party. Limiting their participation and the discourse on your campus will diminish the quality of education for students and the credibility of your institution. We hope you decide to rescind your decision, as a student's right to support a political candidate or cause should not stop at the campus gates.




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  1. Tax status
    What's Liberty University's tax status, and does its explicit partisan advocacy (or opposition to a political party, in this case) put it at risk? My understanding is that tax-exempt non-profits can take positions on issues as much as they like, but they can't be partisan.  

  2. as I just saw Rachel Maddow point out
    they get government grants for research, grants & loans for their students — and only allow the Republicans to have a club on campus? Something seems a little off with that.

  3. HAHA! Yall make me laugh…
    I love the fact that liberals applaud when Cal-Berkeley and other socialistic universities attempt to ban ROTC and the military from recruiting on campus, but are outraged when something like this happens.  Grow a freaking pair and have the balls to stand up when this happens to any group, regardless of its affiliation.  I do not agree with Falwell, but love to point out your hypocrisy.  

    • I went to Cal for grad school.
      I remember plenty of days when I sat at the College Democrats' table in Sproul Plaza, right next to the College Republicans and sometimes the Libertarians. We argued a lot, but we absolutely supported each other's right to free speech. We didn't try to get the College Republicans banned. We got together with them to issue a joint letter supporting the 1987 tax reform.

      While at Cal, I worked to get UC to divest from companies doing business in South Africa. I protested the invasion of Granada. I tried to get better representation for graduate student employees. I got pretty worked up over these issues, but I never tried to shut the opposition up, and I spoke up when others did.

      So tell me again, TexasReb. How am I a hypocrite?  

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