Mark McKinnon Omits Parts of Republican History

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Evan Smith linked to Bush strategist Mark McKinnon's comments on  Rachel Maddow that crazies have taken over the Republican party.

The Republican party right now is clawing its way to the bottom. They've got 23 percent of the American electorate supporting them. They're seen as a sort of bitter, partisan party right now: anti-immigrant, anti-Hispanic. I just think that this sends a lot of the wrong signals to independents and soft Republican voters out there who are leaving the party in droves.

But Glenn Smith,a frequent contributor to our modest site and a colleague of McKinnon's before McKinnon switched parties, points out in a comment on Evan's blog that the Bush campaigns invented and empowered the crazies for specific campaign reasons. As Smith says, “…today's GOP nuts were grown on the “moderate” GOP tree.”

The GOP legitimization of secessionists, segregationists, anti-science creationists, and hate-mongering political celebrities is damn near unforgivable.

Good luck getting your crazy uncles to leave the party you insisted they attend.

The sad reality is the Texas Republican Party and the National Republican Party are both controlled by the extreme of their party.  

In Texas Dan Patrick, Betty Brown, Tom Craddick and Rick Perry dominate the headlines for being rabidly right wing. Pandering even. Nationally Dick Cheney, Rush Limbaugh and Newt Gingrich control the direction of their party not any actual elected official. These Republican lions weren't just invited to the party, they were given leadership roles.

Actions speak louder than words.  Problem for the Republican Party is both their actions and words alienate people on both sides of the aisle.


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