Mini Round-Up

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This is a short update, only because I found each of these things to be intensely relevant to me and wanted to share them.

  1. Has Social Search Arrived?: I agree with much of this post by Steve Rubel as I'm already beginning to notice my own habits of how I search for information on the web. The idea of live, or real-time search could easily be the next tangible shift in how we think, describe, and organize data for searching and digestion. Twitter for the time being is the best example of that, but by no means is guaranteed to be the owner and winner of this new search space. It is the driver of the shift though.
  2. Tomato Nation: 25 and Over: Man, I guess I only have 5 month left.

    You must, however, stop viewing carelessness, tardiness, helplessness, or any other quality better suited to a child as either charming or somehow beyond your control. A certain grace period for the development of basic consideration and self-sufficiency is assumed, but once you have turned 25, the grace period is over, and starring in a film in your head in which you walk the earth alone is no longer considered a valid lifestyle choice, but rather grounds for exclusion from social occasions. (via Kottke)

  3. Empire State Pride Agenda: Second TV ad released in New York supporting marriage equality. This, along with the fact that there are now 18000 marriage gay couples in California that can't get re-married if they get divorced just really wraps my brain in a twist.


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  1. Kedron Touvell on

    so true…
    I think I was about 25 when me and my friends figured this one out:

    Do not expect friends to help you move anymore.

    Our rule was that we each got 1 free move after college and then it was hire the movers time.  Worked out pretty well.

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