Campaigns & Elections Names Robert Jones a “Rising Star”

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Campaigns & Elections Magazine has named Annie's List political director Robert Jones a “Rising Star.”

Jones is the only Texan on the exclusive list, which includes 10 Democrats, 10 Republicans and 7 non-partisan operatives.

From the C&E website:

Robert E. Jones, 32, is the political director of Annie’s List in Texas. He has helped nine Democratic women win seats in the Texas legislature.

Annie's List has become a true force in Texas politics and while many have helped the organization get where it is today, the level of success it has achieved likely would have been impossible without Robert.

Congratulations to Robert on the award. We expect to see a lot more from him and Annie's List in the near future.


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  1. Pravda??
    Interesting how you forgot to mention that the “rising star” threw thousands of dollars into the impossibly Republican district 129. Turned out this “black hole” was a complete waste of valuable resources.  

    • 9 Victories
      You don't win elections by playing it safe.  A lot of people invested in House District 129 and none of those people saw Hurricane Ike or the Governor's lack of leadership in restoring the area when they planned.

      Sherri Matula was a great candidate.  She raised tons of cash, did the field outreach, and made people pay attention to her and that race.

      It's unfortunate the race wasn't closer, but part of turning this state around is too play in more districts, not less. If we only try to win Democratic seats or re-elect the women who are in the legislature already, we wouldn't have Valinda Bolton, Diana Maldonado, Wendy Davis, Kristi Thibaut, Carol Kent, Ellen Cohen, or Paula Pierson.

      That's impressive work in less than 5 years.

      • Hopeless district
        Playing in a District with a DPI of 34% was hopeless to begin with. Sherrie's numbers went backwards [43% in '06 vs. 41% in '08] in spite of her hustling $350,000 from donors and Annie's list. Sherrie's numbers were artificially fluffed from negative publicity Davis got on a local tv station a week from the '06 elections. There were other more competitive races that were ignored. This misallocation of resouces cost the Democratic Party control of the House. You must have never heard Sherrie give a speech, or you wouldn't call her a great candidate.

        Her heart was in the right place, but like a ball hog in basketball she cost us the game.

        • Have to agree about Dist. 129
          I have been in Austin a longtime, but I lived in this part of SE Houston as a child. I was really surprised to see this race targeted in 2008.  

      • A Gross Misalocation of Resouces
        Dist. 129 was a gross misallocation of resources.  The only excuse I can think of is that perhaps Annie's List had fully funded the competitive female candidates elsewhere.  But the fact that they fund only female candidates is one reason I won't give much to Annie's List.  And the fact that the squandered money in this race when we were two seats away from winning the Texas House convinces me never to give them another dime.  

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