TX-Sen: Cornyn Expects Hutchison to Resign This Fall

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John Cornyn told reporters today that he expected Kay Bailey Hutchison to resign her Senate seat “sometime this fall,” which would trigger a special election likely to be held in May 2010.

From the Houston Chronicle's Texas on the Potomac:

“We certainly can't afford to lose that [Hutchison] seat,” he said.

“My guess,” he told Texas reporters at his Senate office today, is that Hutchison will resign “this fall sometime.”

But Cornyn readily admits that he has no inside info.

“There's only one person who knows,” the San Antonio Republican said, “and it's not me.”

Cornyn, who is also Chair of the National Republican Senatorial Committee (NRSC), said Houston Mayor Bill White is “running a very serious race” and “is definitely on my radar.”

White, along with former Comptroller John Sharp and San Antonio physician Alma Aguardo, have filed papers to run for the Senate as Democrats. A slew of Republicans, including Michael Williams, Elizabeth Ames Jones, Roger Williams, and Florence Shapiro have also entered the race.

If Cornyn's “guess” turns out to be correct, an extremely competitive special election (and an ensuing runoff) could put Texas at the center of the political world next spring.


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