The 2009 Austin Mayor's Race by Precinct

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This map is courtesy of the Austin American-Statesman which did a great job putting it together after the election. I expect we'll see some more from the Austin Chronicle tomorrow.

I think it's pretty clear that Lee if Mayor of Austin, all of it. Though Brewster was able to win one west campus precinct and the downtown precinct covering 6th Street. Other than that, it was slim pickings for Carole and Brewster on the peripheral precincts.

Austin 2009 Mayor's Race by Precinct


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  1. Small Consolation
    I'm proud that my precinct (267) voted for Brewster and against Lee. At least the hours I spent putting up door hangers until three a.m. on Saturday weren't entirely wasted.

    • Bummer
      Given their vote, your precinct is now undergoing a forced secession from the City of Austin, el Jeffe. You may be able to get some people to change their minds, but they won't pick up trash or provide wastewater until 2010.


  2. Beautiful Map
    It's a testament to the entire Lee Team's effort, but particularly the field organizers that left it all out on the doors and blasted 10,000 calls during the final three days of GOTV:

    Shawn Badgley (OG Field Team)

    Deena Estrada (OG Field Team)

    Panika Dillon

    Andrew Pate

    Samuel Bean

    Cecil Hynds-Riddle

    Nathan Felix

    Also – A sincere thanks to the dozens of volunteers, precinct chairs, and club members that donated their time, money, and effort to defy all reasonable predictions and polls.

    Yes Lee Did!

  3. Chronicle maps
    yes indeed, we will have maps of both the Place 1 and mayoral races. In fact, our mayoral map will have one more layer of detail than this one.

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