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11:40pm Update from KT: We're done. Chris Riley has beat Perla Cavazos 65%-35%. Leffingwell has just over 47% and will be in a runoff with Brewster (27%).

Ed. note: @karltm, @PhillipMartin, @davidmauro, & @mjjhurta will be updating on the Burnt Orange Report @texaselections Twitter feed all night long.

If you're out at a party (or even if you aren't), you can follow election results for the Austin City Council races here all night long. We'll be sending out updates on our twitter account @texaselections.

Updates will be coming from all of us here at BOR — and you can follow along below, on the @texaselections feed.

(In the event that you have problems for some reason viewing the Twitter widget below, try downloading the latest version of Adobe flash player, or you can follow on our Twitter account website by clicking here.


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