353rd Court Judge Scott Ozmun Dies

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Terrible news to report this afternoon. Beloved Democratic Judge Scott Ozmun has passed away today dur to complicatoins from cancer. As many remember during the 2008 Democratic primary, Ozmun had be undergoing treament in battling cancer while simultanesiouly fending off a primary challenge from a former Republican candidate Madelaine Conner who was running in the Democratic primary against him.

Ozmun won that primary as well as the general election to the 353rd Court bench in 2008. From all of us at Burnt Orange Report, we wish we didn't have to report on this news and extend out greatest condolences to Ozmun's friends and family which includes his Democratic family to whom he was much beloved.

Austin Chronicle: A civil trial lawyer by training, Ozmun had served as a briefing attorney for the Texas Supreme Court, and served as president on a multitude of legal bodies, including Volunteer Legal Services, the Legal Aid Society of Central Texas, and the Austin Young Lawyers Association.

Rep. Donna Howard called Ozmun “one of the nicest people I ever knew.” The former chair of the Travis County Democratic Party, he was “the first person to suggest I run for this seat,” she added.

Gov. Rick Perry will appoint a replacement to Ozmun to the 353rd Court Bench. We can only hope Perry will have some modecrum of respect and appoint a Democratic replacement for Ozmun.  


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  1. One of the best
    As I reflect back on Judge Ozmun, I am struck first by his uncommon decency.  He was a man of considerable achievement who maintained his humility and humanity throughout the course of his career, a fact that was not lost on this young lawyer.  

    He also possessed a first-rate intellect.  Those who knew him and the caliber of his lawyering would undoubtedly agree that he would have made a top-notch Supreme Court justice had he been granted the time and the opportunity.

    He leaves behind a legacy of justice that should inspire all of us to take action — to do what we can, with the full measure of our ability, in the time we are given, to help those in need.  

    Judge Ozmun will be missed and our deepest sympathies are with his family.

  2. A Loss For Austin
    Judge Ozmun was good-humored, self-effacing, and dedicated to doing right. He was happy to give advice when asked, and as a fledgling candidate, I asked him more than once.

    Separately from politics, he and I were both Georgetown University graduates. The last time we talked we lamented over how badly the basketball team was doing this year. To me, this summed him up: despite his position and respect in the community, Scott Ozmun never stopped being a regular guy. Genuineness is rare in politics. He will be missed.

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