Texas Round-Up

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  • An excellent Swing State Project analysis looks the relative difference between members of congress, their voting record, and how liberal their districts are. 4 Texans make the list of voting more “left” than their district are, topped by none other than Chet Edwards. That doesn't mean that Chet is a liberal by any means, it just means that we get a hell of a value out of his vote in Congress compared to what one should normally expect from it's representative. I don't care what some national blogs have said about Chet, he's a Texas Democrat and still a damned good one.
  • Mary Ann Akers at the Washington Post uncovers a little fundraising fun that Texas Rep. Pete Sessions (R-Dallas) had in family value haven Las Vegas at the Tao Nightclub & Restaurant. A small, um, appetizer below.

    Pete Sessions session in Vegas


  • The 21st Street Co-Op here in Austin (where I lived for a summer) expands their awesome bike shop. I love the industry that comes out of the folks there.
  • Mike Lux, author of “The Progressive Revolution: How the Best in America Came to Be” and writer over at OpenLeft.com will be in Austin this Wednesday to promote his book. I encourage you all to attend because he's a neat guy and I'm in the process of reading his book.

    Date: Wednesday, May 6, 2009

    Time: 7:30pm – 9:30pm

    Location: Book People

    Street: 603 N Lamar Blvd

    RSVP: Facebook

    INFO: Lux's Books' site and on BookPeople


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  1. ernesttubb on

    Maybe We Should Nickname Him “Good-Time Pete”
    Hey, he's not being a family-values hypocrite – those ladies are showing off potential Mother's Day gifts.

  2. Excellent article by “The Sleuth” on Sessions!!!
    I have been to the Tao restaurant with my wife, daughter and parents while staying at the Venitian.  Its located in the attached Grand Canal Shoppes (a shopping mall).  I will admit the decadence is unbelievable. On our walk through the mall I had to divert my wife's eyes from the Ann Taylor store, then my Dad from entering the Haagen Daz store (before dinner!) and daughter from being lured into the seedy Kids Karnivale. Yes these are all under the same roof.

    As “The Sleuth” pointed out at the end of her “story” the fundraiser was held in the restaurant not the night club. Here is the separate website for the restaurant which apparently she failed to include in lieu of the nightclub website.        


    Most risque thing there is the Spicy Shrimp (naughty, naughty).

    By the way good old mom said she'd wait till after dinner to get that foot massager at Brookstone located just across the mall.

    With excellent reporters like “The Sleuth”, I for one  cannot believe newspapers like the Washington Post are finding their circulation declining.

  3. Rahm McDaniel on

    21st street co-op

    I love the industry that comes out of the folks there.

    Many people here in Austin have fond memories of various industries that have thrived in the 21st Street Co-op

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