Burnt Orange Report Passes 4.5 Million Visits

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And to think that is another half a million visits since last October. So wonderful to pass another milestone as we close in on BOR's 6th Anniversary next Friday. We also passed the 8 million total pageviews mark last month.


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  1. Thanks, readers and commenters!
    Thanks to the readers who think BOR is worth returning to, and thanks to the commenters who think it's worth remarking on.

    We really do owe our commenters a huge debt of gratitude for these numbers–they probably account for a huge number of these hits, as they hit refresh wondering if anyone's replied to their Democratic screed. 🙂  

  2. The slope
    is what really matters — that's the rate at which people are watching. (Hey, I'm a mathematician and like teaching calculus.) It looks like BOR was at 500K/yr for three years, jumped up with the 2006 elections, settled down a little, had an incredible spike with the 2008 primaries, and now is running at about 1M/yr.

    How do the pageviews/visit compare from year to year? Or the postings per visit? Those are two good measures of how engaged the visitors are.  

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