TX-Sen: Democrats Significantly Outraise Republicans

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The two Democratic candidates for the U.S. Senate, former comptroller John Sharp and Houston Mayor Bill White, hold significant advantages in cash on hand over their Republican opponents after the first fundraising quarter.

As we previously reported, Bill White raised $1,876,163 this quarter and began April with $2,131,638 on hand. White received contributions from 1,400 Texans. No personal loans were included in his totals this quarter.

John Sharp reported receiving $2,516,833 in loans and contributions this quarter to finish with $2,432,675 on hand. The number, in itself, is impressive but as Gardner Selby points out, we should reserve judgement until we learn how much of that money was from personal loans. Today, when asked, the Sharp campaign declined to disclose that information.

Both Democrats hold big advantages over the Republican candidates. 

Former Texas Secretary of State Roger Williams leads the Republican contenders with $388,628 on hand, but that number is less impressive when the $200,000 in personal loans are taken into account. State Sen. Florence Shapiro had just over $310,000 on hand, while Railroad Commissioners Elizabeth Ames Jones and Michael Williams have $164,663 and $113,957 on hand, respectively.

The Democratic money advantage, however, may not last. Well financed candidates such as Lt. Gov. David Dewhurst, who would pour his personal wealth into a campaign, and Attorney General Greg Abbott are also said to be considering the race.

When the amount of Sharp's personal loans are known, we will have a better idea of how the money race is shaping up on the Democratic side.


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  1. field programs, please
    I just hope the Dems who have large money leads on their Republican counterparts are smart enough to actually create functional field programs.  

    Texas is a large state and immensely difficult to organize, but a strong grassroots organization will be necessary in order to keep the Democratic momentum going in 2010 and beyond.  It looks like the money's there, so I'll be greatly disappointed if Bill White and John Sharp don't start their respective campaigns by building some field programs for the Democratic Primary.  They'll have to have something in place in order to break the Republican stranglehold on our Statewide elections.

    • White and the Field
      Lost Texan-Bill White runs a tight and effective ship. He knows the field is important and I predict he will have a strong organization.

      I am a little concerned that John Sharp thinks this is still 1990. He doesn't understand transparency very well. It seems like he is playing a media cycle game, but in the age of blogging, that is not smart.  

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