Austin City Council Place 6 Endorsement: Sheryl Cole

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We have a solid consensus on our staff of two things in relation to the Place 6 race. The first is that Councilwoman Cole could be more proactive, more agressive, and more engaged on behalf of her constituants. Cole has worked on the Waller Creek Redevelopment project, an issue that needs leadership if the businesses and parkland along that zone are ever to become something of which our city can be proud. In its current state, Waller Creek is like a scar across downtown, one that needs tending to and we hope Cole will lead on the issue during her next term.

That said, we agree that the council will not be any better served by replacing Cole with her opponent Sam Osemene. Osemene has been agressive in pointing out faults with Cole's leadership and little else. Providing a contrast in politics is necessary but it is not enough to earn our votes.

As such, we endorse Sheryl Cole for re-election to Place 6.

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  1. Waller Creek Redevelopment? Give me a break
    What about the council person elected to Place 6 making social services, affordable housing, job creation, and public safety their major priorities. I do not think the Waller Creek Redevelopment project  is a major priority for the citizens of East, Northeast, or Southeast Austin nor are bike lanes and light rail lines.

    I really appreciate the wisdom of the University Democrats and the Austin Neighborhoods Council in not endorsing in Place 6 this time around. The incumbent needs to do better in her next term and stop sandbagging attempts to move away from our current At-Large City Council elections to a Mixed District Plan after the 2010 Census.  No endorsement for lackluster incumbents with minor opposition is a strong message for them to do better or face major opposition in the next election cycle.

    • on the issue of no-endorsement
      I don't get into the habit of replying in comments on endorsement posts so I'll reply just on the process point.

      As a staff, there could easily have been consensus to issue no endorsement, but our tradition has always been to issue an endorsement if we are able to. We'd only issue no endorsement if we really had no knowledge, no idea, or no preference in the race between the given candidates. 'no endorsement' has never really been used as a tool to express disappointment with the leading candidate.

      Up or down, voters should elect Cole, not Osemene. Our staff all agrees on that point, hence, the endorsement. It is simply our tradition to express any disappointment or critiques in the text that backs up and explains that choice.  

  2. Sheryl Cole
    Council member Cole is the strong quiet type.  I've adopted a bridge as my “Doonesbury symbol” for Sheryl because she brings people together – east/west, rich/poor, business/neighborhoods.  So much of Sheryl's work is done behind the scenes and wouldn't take if she was looking for credit.  Maybe the rest of us ought to speak out more on her behalf.

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