Palin vs. Hutchison: Battle of the Wanna-Be-Governors

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Do you remember when Alaska Governor Sarah Palin endorsed Texas Governor Rick Perry for re-election in his attempt to become Texas Governor for Life?

WSJ: “He walks the walk of a true conservative. And he sticks by his guns – and you know how I feel about guns,” Palin wrote in a letter to Texas Republican women.

Do you remember with the Texarkana Gazette editorialized back at Palin in reaction to her out of state endorsement of Rick Perry?

But Lord, have mercy, she is an outsider with an opinion about Texas politics and government. And she sounds like the Yankee she is, if we use the definition that Yankees come from north of the Red River.

If Perry relies too heavily on Palin, he may find himself with a lot of time to watch Russians from her front porch come January 2011.

We remember. And as a result, present the following awesomeness. Click the buttons or click here for full screen mode.


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  1. yikes!
    An Alaskan vs a Texan.  That is one old mythological battle.  I remember hearing that Texans were crushed when Alaska was added as a state because then Texas lost biggest state status.  Well I don't remember the experience myself, but I remember somebody mentioning something to that effect.  My Mom in law i think.

  2. Palins on Parade

    Another Palin family member behind bars this week.

    This time was arrested with four-year old child in tow whilst perpetrating the second crime 'o the week.

    The Palin-istanical apologists pout in concert “it's not news” …apparently since it's just more of the same normal Palin on Parade headlines?

    Then even funnier: Levi Johnston and family were on Tyra Banks show spilling the beans at how uncouth Palins have treated him and his family since the birth of the holier than thou conservative conception.

    Palin's spokesperson has officially pouted:

    the Palins were not pre-emptively warned about Levi's attempts to cash in on fame and of course…. everything he and his family said on the TV show were lies.

    We the People await with bated breath for a Palin response claiming something said regarding their day-to-day modus operandi is the truth.

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