Offense is the Game Plan for Dallas Democrats

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Anyone who has played high school football in Texas, or just an avid college or pro football junkie, you've heard the saying that defense wins championships; but we all know that it's offense that sells tickets and Dallas Democrats are ready to put on a show:

Dallas County Democrats are entering a new phase in the growth of their local party.

For the last two election cycles they have won every countywide race they contested, with their overall percentage of the vote approaching 60 percent.

It's clear to them that they now control the county at large.

Now local Democrats want to gobble up turf inside districts that were once Republican strongholds.

“I don't think it's a big stretch to say we can do 57 percent [countywide]in 2010,” said Darlene Ewing, chairwoman of the Dallas County Democratic Party.

Man, isn't that a refreshing story to read in Texas?  2010 can be a remarkable year for counties like Dallas where they are able to really strategically target and show some muscle in elections against our political foes.  Taking back the County Commissioners court would be a huge move and targeting Mayfield is where it begins.  HD-105 is an obvious target.  

Whoever our statewide candidates for office are can benefit from Dallas County and their ability to target and improve Democratic performance in traditionally Republican territory, even if Dallas is a key component of our Party's urban county dominance.  It never, ever hurts to maximize numbers and cut your opponents advantage in their own backyard.    


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  1. Good
    1 state house district (105) and 1 commissioner court.

    Possibly go after Rep. Pete Sessions.

    Anything else as a district that is an obvious target?

    Shame we missed the two state senate districts in 2008.

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