John Cornyn and the GOP: Privatize Profit, Socialize Loss

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In July I posted a  diary series about Senator John Cornyn's deep ties to big money and corporate interests.   Because we are facing a potentially impending financial 9/11, or so we've been told, this may be a good time to reexamine John Cornyn's record.  

John Cornyn has voted with President Bush at least 97% of the time, despite the President's approval ratings that range from 23-30%.

We know from his record in the Senate that John Cornyn will predictably vote for legislation that is favorable to corporate and special interests.  Both of our U.S. Senators will unfailingly vote against any legislation that ensures any kinds of oversight or regulation of corporations and special interests, even if oversight means protecting the interests of the people of Texas.


At the same time, John Cornyn consistently votes against legislation that will do anything to improve the quality of Texans' lives whether it is an increase in the minimum wage, a cleaner environment, or affordable heath care insurance, both of which would yield a far healthier population here.    
Nor is John Cornyn interested in any bill that would ease the financial burdens born by the middle, working classes and the economically disadvantaged.  He voted against SCHIP, the G.I. Bill and he voted against The Medicare Bill the first time.  U.S. Senate Democratic candidate Lt. Col.Rick Noriega  and the Texas Medical Association had to shame the Senator into supporting Medicare on its second go around.  Cornyn had a change of heart only because he is up for re-election.

Big double talking John.

It will be interesting to see if John Cornyn will line up behind Bush and vote for corporate socialism and welfare bailouts for the buddies he has supported since he arrived on the scene in Washington.  

Will the bailout to the fat cats be a short-term fix for a big problem, John? Will there be serious deliberations about the troubling and fatally flawed financial challenges, perpetuated by unchecked greed? Or will you do the predictable and stand by your man W. in ramming through a quick, and potentially ginned up fix to bail out your soul mates on Wall St.?

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