Garry Mauro: Underdogs?

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Just got a really great email from Texas Democrat Garry Mauro advocating for Rick Noriega's campaign for US Senate.

Most of us will remember that Garry served with distinction earning election 4 times to Land Commissioner.

As Land Commissioner Garry Mauro placed a top priority on getting Democrats elected up and down the ballot and was well known for loaning his appearance, campaign organization and plane to any Dem that needed any of it.

Garry is also one of only 2 people I'm aware of to have a plate named after him at Guero's (the other being President Bill Clinton)…so that tells you everything you need to know about his cultural impact on Texas.

Garry makes a great case for Noriega, why he can win, why it is important, and what we can do about it TODAY.

I encourage you to read more after the jump and to support Rick Noriega in whatever way you can.

www.ricknoriega.comSubject line: Underdogs?

After more than a decade of near total dominance in Texas, something remarkable has happened:

Republicans are now admitting publicly that they are worried about their chances this November, saying bluntly:

“We're the underdogs, and anybody who tells you we're not hasn't been out and about.”

Why? Because Rick Noriega is exactly the kind of Democrat who can win in November: A Lieutenant Colonel in the National Guard with fourteen months of service in Afghanistan and a legislator with a record of standing up for us on issues like education, health care, and energy.  And I know firsthand that he's rock solid for Texas families first, last, and always.


I urge you to take a moment and read this article about the Republican Convention and their worries that disgruntled Republicans will stay home this November. (  It quotes former Republican Party Chair Tom Pauken as saying: “The grass roots has withered up and died.”

The Democratic grassroots, however, are thriving. Never before in my nearly 40 years in politics have I seen so many people, so committed, so emboldened by our chances this November.

Rick is running a grassroots campaign that's playing hard in every corner of the state.  He's telling the truth about what the Bush/Cornyn agenda has done to Texas families.  And he's going to fight like hell for us – and to win.


Right now, Rick is doing his two weeks' duty in the Texas National Guard, and has asked Texans like you and me to help fill his boots while he's away.

Your support can make sure Rick has the resources he needs to turn Texas blue, to make sure Texas Republicans are the real underdogs, and to lead for Texas in the United States Senate.

Please, join me in helping Rick.  


Garry Mauro

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