Attention SDEC candidates

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… as well as candidates for state party office (including DNC):

Proceed to the Campaign for Change website …

and complete the questionnaire there for endorsement purposes.  If you have a photo suitable for the Web and a short bio, upload it as a part of the survey and we'll include it in your endorsement.  When the Campaign for Change endorses you we will also post your information on the website, which you may download, print, e-mail or otherwise use to advance your candidacy and campaign.

The sooner you submit the questionnaire, the sooner we can endorse you, and the sooner we can help you publicize and win your race!

Individuals selected for endorsement will be given an opportunity to speak at the Progressive Populist Caucus on Friday June 6, from 10:30 until noon, Level 3, Rm. 9, A-B-C.

C for C endorsed candidates include:Bob Dean

SDEC Committeeman SD 19

I am seeking reelection to the committeeman position for Senate District 19, I have been involved in politics for more than 30 years from election clerk to election Judge to County Chair for 30+ years, and have attended the State Conventions  continuously since 1976.

Long time progressive populist even before the PPC was formed, living in West Texas which is a mostly conservative area, I have been able to help a lot of Democrats campaign and I know the activists who can help with the campaigns in several of the Counties here in West Texas.


Brian Hamon

SDEC Committeeman SD 5

I am a life long Democrat that has been active in the party since my brother was shipped off to Iraq in February 2003. Elected to serve as a precinct chair in Williamson County in 2004, I have been extremely active in my county executive committee. Using my skills as a Senior Software Engineer at a Silicon Valley technology firm, I have found ways to leverage technology to build grassroots organization. I led a team of 25 volunteers who used my web-based distributed phone banking application to drive turnout during October 2006. As a result, Williamson county led the state in early voting turnout and Chris Bell netted more additional votes for governor over 2002 than any other county. In 2008, I coordinated the Barack Obama volunteers in Williamson County, and working with the Obama campaign staff helped engineer a decisive 13-point win in the county. In March, I served as the chair of the county convention credentials committee and managed the largest convention in county history, where more than 1,700 delegates and alternates attended.

I will work hard to recruit quality candidates, demand accountability from TDP staff, and build our organization throughout the district. The SDEC's effectiveness is directly related to the amount of effort invested by those elected to serve. Without a focused and effective SDEC, the voices of Democrats are not heard at the highest levels of the state party. I firmly believe that the diversity of the Democratic Party is what makes this the party of ideas. I will recruit candidates that share our views: that lobbyists and corporations hold too much power, that the wealthy far too easily exchange money for power and then use their power to further enrich themselves, and that the United States must become a better global citizen and find ways to avoid violence rather than allow itself to be perceived as an aggressor, and that immediate dramatic changes must be made now to avoid the cataclysm of global climate change. The Democratic Party is the party of reform. Never has humanity been in greater need of meaningful reform. As a member of the SDEC, I will work to position the party to be an agent of reform.


Phillip McNutt

SDEC Committeeman SD 4

I am the “ACTIVIST'S ACTIVIST!” Like Governor Howard Dean, I want to reactivate the Democratic Party precinct by precinct, county by county… I am committed to the strengthening of the party.  A native Southeast Texan whose family roots go back to Texas' independence, I will actively involve myself throughout Southeast Texas and SD 4.  I am a Precinct Organizer, Election Judge, Political Trainer, Co-Founder and Steering Committee member of Democracy For Houston, Texas Majority Builder, Campaign Advisor, event planner, Credentials Chair for SD 4 (Harris County) 2008 Convention, and past Fundraising Chair for the Harris County Democratic Party.  My commitment to SD 4 is to put this experience and knowledge to work for the benefit of SD 4 and the Texas Democratic Party.    

All of my political actions have been about “CHANGE!”  Robert F. Kennedy once stated ” Some men see things that are and ask why?  I see things that never were and ask, why not?”  Progressive change begins within each one of us.  I am committed to developing party leadership throughout  Senate District 4 so that we can ensure that no Republican runs for office unopposed. I want to bring precinct chair / precinct organizer training to every county.  I believe that the Committeman  should be accessible and communicate with all Democrats throughout SD 4 on a regular basis.


Sylvia Samaniego

SDEC Committeewoman SD 20

“Tell me I forget, Show Me, I might Remember, Involve Me I Understand” this is an American Indian Proverb and is basically how I've been approaching life lately, especially in the political arena.  Dennis Kucinich's first attempt as a Democratic Presidential Candidate was my introduction to politics.  He had so much courage and his platform resonated with me.  I wanted to do everything I could to get him elected.  I became a precinct chair, joined various groups, protested, wrote letters, campaigned.  I firmly believe that when we get people around issues we get more democrats elected.

I'm interested in the Grassroots Committee.  I believe that is where our strength lies.  We need to get trained and organized but more than anything we need to communicate with our base.

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    how interesting! i just came over to check what people were saying and no one has much to say. surely there are more folks from this community participating in state politics? i thought this was a really cool effort on the part of the ppc. senate districts are local business, of course, but don't we have any alternative candidates for the tdp who want some buzz wherever they can find it? it's FREE!


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