Username Guidelines

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Here are some short guidelines to remember in creating a username.

  1. Usernames can have spaces, numbers, and letters.
  2. Registering an actual name (Morgan Freeholder) means that actual person will be the one doing the regular posting and commenting.
  3. Registering a promotional name (Freeholder for Senate) means that official campaign staff will be the primary writer.
  4. Any other usernames/handles for individuals are acceptable so long as they are not vulgar, rude, or particularly unfunny.
  5. You are NOT allowed to create user accounts with the intent of spamming the site (in posts, comments, signature lines, or profiles) with non-political related content. Accounts created due to any “backlinks services” or for the purpose of search term optimization are strictly forbidden.

Do NOT make multiple accounts for nefarious purposes- we will ban them.

Please DO interact with our community.

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  1. “handle” policy
    I support this idea, even though Candidate Larry's writing sucks.  If I write for his campaign, I will write under “larryforthelege”, if that's OK.  I await your guidance, My Young Leader.

    • i agree
      Speel check would be nice, but it's probably not going to happen real soon.  It was never a part of the current BOR (even on the publishing side) and isn't here either so we'll all have to do a run through in Word or such.  But it's a good suggestion and if it comes up in development, I'll push for it.

    • reply
      Well, there will be more stuff coming down the side columns as I ad the Ads and the blogroll, etc.  I could always add the verticle lines that separate the three sections, kind of like we had at the other site, but I've been playing with going for a cleaner design.  We'll need more input before any one thing becomes permenant.

      In terms of front page, I need to raise your status first Matt, then the check box will show up near the submit button.  Had to wait for you to create an accout first.

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