Democrat to Run in TX-11

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The Texas 11th has a Democrat in the Race.  Dr. Brad Vincent of Snyder Texas has unofficially entered the race against Republican Mike Conaway.

Vincent is a dedicated educator who has spent his life working for Texas students and their families, and his issues seem right in line with the Midland based district.

Conaway was elected entirely because of DeLay and Craddick's redistricting scheme.  The same redistricting plan that was overturned by the US Supreme Court during the last election cycle.

His first run for elective office came in 2003, when he ran in a special election for the 19th Congressional District, which came open after 18-year Republican incumbent Larry Combest stepped down shortly after winning a 10th term. Conaway lost by 587 votes to fellow Republican Randy Neugebauer. A few months later, the Texas Legislature redrew the state's districts in an effort engineered by then-House Majority Leader Tom DeLay. Three brand-new districts were created, one of them being the 11th, which was based in Midland.

Check out Dr. Vincent's website for more information.  We will keep our eyes on the race as it develops.

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  1. Sorry
    Not to sound like a fuddy duddy, but Dr. Vincent is not a viable candidate for this district. This is a very traditional, conservative district, and his sexual orientation will be held against him.

    • So what?
      They held it against Glen, and he won anyway.  Yeah, I know Glen was at the State level, but it's worth fighting for, and I wish Brad luck.

      Lots of folks will vote for the home town boy, even if he likes other home town boys.

      Besides, if one person is willing to stand up and fight, it makes it easier for others to follow suit.  I wish him the best of luck!

      KT, you should set up a fundraising page for him over at Act Blue. 

      • But of course
        I'm still getting in touch with him. The FEC isn't showing any paperwork filed as of yet, but they also take a little while to do that. TX-11 is my home district, including Fredericksburg and having *any* candidate is an improvement to having none like in 2006. Plus, Brad seems very personable, has met with some folks in Austin, and has some very interesting background and couching of his message for the district. I'm glad he's running!

  2. Kiss My A$$
    I was not saying that I feel that way, I was making the point that that is the makeup of that district. I like Dr. Vincent, I just know what those ppl are going to think about him and hope that he has the stomach to put up with those bigots. To imply that I am the same as them is offensive to me considering that you have never met me and know absolutely nothing about me.

  3. Do not further right wing memes
    And any indication that sexual orientation is a qualification for office is a right wing meme.

    Also, pull up your britches. Your ass ain't that attractive.

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