Jeb! Bush Holds His Nose, Endorses Ted Cruz

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Ted Cruz was elected as an establishment shaming, anti-Washington speakerbox, but today as a candidate for the Republican nomination he proudly stood with Jeb Bush, lauded his tenure as Florida Governor and thanked him for his endorsement.

Only months ago, Jeb! was questioning Cruz’ readiness, his immigration policy, his strategy for defeating ISIS, and his record (or lack thereof) in the Senate.

Jeb! joins a growing list of GOP stalwarts that are holding their collective nose and lining up behind Ted Cruz — that’s how afraid the GOP is of Donald Trump burning down the remainder of its Party infrastructure. Sadly for them, most Republican voters believe the Party should line up behind Trump, and of course that assertion is backed up by the delegate count.

The establishment has good reason for concern as polls show that Trump would lose to both Clinton and Sanders…but wait there’s more! A Trump ticket could also hand the Democrats the U.S. Senate, eat into their House majority and lead to a far more liberal Supreme Court nominee than the one recently proposed by President Obama.

The GOP is already pushing the lesser of two evils narrative and they don’t even have a nominee yet. They’re essentially saying, “we really dislike this guy…but he so much better than this other guy!” I fail to see how this is a winning strategy, and frankly it doesn’t seem that the GOP does either.

I can fundamentally agree with them that Trump would be a disaster for our country as well as their Party, and it is starting to sound like the Grand Old Partiers are willing to take one for the team, Team America.


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