Meet The Scariest People Endorsing Ted Cruz

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The Dallas Observer is only the latest Texas publication to warn American voters—do not vote for Ted Cruz, because that’s a disaster that cannot be undone.

We can joke about scientific explanations for why his creepy countenance repels us, and speculate about the likelihood of Cruz being a lizard in a human suit, but here’s the real truth. The policies Ted Cruz stands for are harmful, and the people who want to see him win represent all that is wrong with America today.

A vote for Ted Cruz is a vote endorsing these folks, and that’s not what anyone wants or needs. For example …

Bickle Mike - Cruz Endorser
Mike Bickle, Founder and Director of the International House of Prayer, Kansas City

How Cruz responded to endorsement:
“Through prayer, the Lord has changed my life and altered my family’s story,” said Cruz. “I am grateful for Mike’s dedication to call a generation of young people to prayer and spiritual commitment. Heidi and I are grateful to have his prayers and support. With the support of Mike and many other people of faith, we will fight the good fight, finish the course, and keep the faith.”

Bickle’s infamous position on the Jewish people, according to Right Wing Watch:
Back in 2004, Bickle declared that as the end times approach, all Jews will be given a chance to accept Jesus, warning that if they do not accept “the grace” of Christ, God will then “raise up a hunter” who will kill two-thirds of them “and the most famous hunter in recent history is a man named Adolf Hitler.”

Gary Glenn Cruz EndorserState Rep. Gary Glenn, District 98, Michigan House of Representatives

How Cruz responded to endorsement:
“I am thrilled to announce the addition of such outstanding conservative legislators to our Michigan leadership team. These courageous conservatives are coalescing behind our campaign because the people of Michigan are tired of career politicians in Washington and want someone who has a record of fighting for our values and the Constitution.”

What exactly are Gary Glenn’s values?
They’r ugly. Very ugly. The Southern Poverty Law Center documents the following positions he’s taken as the state leader of the American Family Association, an organization they identify as a hate group: homosexuality is as dangerous to people as second-hand smoke; gay people will die sooner because they have sex; states should be able to outlaw gay marriage because it is a public health risk.

Kevin Swanson Cruz EndorserPastor Kevin Swanson, Director, Generations With Vision, a subsidiary of the Christian Home Educators of Colorado

How did Cruz respond to the endorsement?
He kind of didn’t. He doesn’t list the endorsement on his campaign website. When Jake Tapper asked whether Rev. Swanson’s criticisms of many people could be construed as conservative religious intolerance, Cruz flipped the script and ran down the clock complaining about liberal religious intolerance.

Why should we be concerned about Kevin Swanson?
He thinks gay people should be executed, by the government, although only after they’ve been given the opportunity to repent. And he’s apparently willing to “go to jail for standing on the truth of the word of God.” Since technically, standing on the truth of the word isn’t a criminal offense, and is even protected by the First Amendment, presumably he means he’s willing to break a law in furtherance of his belief. No word on which law. By the way, he said this at a conference to which Ted Cruz was an invited guest.

James Dobson Cruz EndorserDr. James Dobson, Focus on the Family Founder & Host of Family Talk

Was Cruz proud to receive this endorsement?
You bet. Cruz announced on his website that he was “thrilled” to have the endorsement of someone who had helped generations of people have happy marriages and home lives.

What’s the scoop on James Dobson?
Dobson believes homosexuality is a choice and a lifestyle, for “if homosexuality were genetically transmitted, it would be inevitable, irresistible, and untreatable.” Dobson is still hung up on the fact that feminists think women are equal, he’s cranky about Phil Donahue and Marlo Thomas and Free to Be You and Me, and somehow links it all to “gender revisionism,” a sop to political correctness and something we need to just drop.

David Barton Cruz EndorserDavid Barton, Keep the Promise PAC III, Texas

How Cruz responded to this endorsement:
Technically, this isn’t an endorsement. Barton, however, was brought on board to run Keep the Promise PAC III, one of several super PACs supporting Ted Cruz’s candidacy for president. Tens of millions in independent expenditures are as close to an endorsement without being an endorsement as you’re going to get.

Another Texan? Oh no, what did David Barton say that will embarrass Texas?
Where do we start? AIDS is the penalty for being gay, so we’ll never find a cure. He reveals on video that demons—yes, demons—control and have jurisdiction over our government. Different principalities of demons control the House and Senate, by the way, and a whole bureaucracy of them are involved in all sorts of other things down to the household level. Barton wrote a book about Thomas Jefferson full of so many and such wild inaccuracies that its publisher removed it from circulation. The publisher explained the decision by saying that “basic truths just were not there” in the book which, ironically, claimed to reveal that what we’ve been taught about Jefferson isn’t true.

Farris Wilks Cruz Endorser by Great Falls TribuneFarris Wilks, Pastor, Assembly of Yahweh & Co-Founder of Frac Tech

How Cruz responded to the endorsement:
You won’t find mention of Wilks, or his brother, Dan, on the Cruz website. But endorse him they did: “We support [Cruz] because he believes in the morality of the free market, in keeping our country safe, and in the right of the unborn not to be killed in their mother’s womb.” Cruz returned the favor, saying of the Wilks family: “I am grateful that they have been very, very supportive, both in terms of helping raise money for our campaign directly and also their work on the super PAC, focused on helping us win.” Since the family has donated at least $15 million to Cruz super PACs, I bet he is grateful.

Good grief. Tell me about Wilks.
If you review key tenets of the Assembly of Yahweh church doctrine, you’ll learn: abortion is wrong, absolutely, period, no exceptions; marriage should last forever, probably, but it can be tough for that to work out, so divorce isn’t always wrong; and women should not speak during assembly, as that is shameful. The church also believes that if someone is going to speak in tongues, they shouldn’t do so unless someone is there to translate for the assembly. So that’s nice, I suppose. Outside of his religious beliefs, Wilks and his family appear to be consolidating land in western states, have asked the Bureau of Land Management to swap parcels with them (and been rejected), and may be involved in some fencing that blocks access to federal lands. He also actively supports the American Legislative Exchange Council and various state-focused right wing think tanks.

Michael Brown Cruz EndorserDr. Michael Brown, Radio Host, & President, FIRE School of Ministry

Does Cruz talk about this endorsement?
Cruz issued what Dr. Brown called a “lovely” press release about the endorsement, in which he said he was glad to have Brown’s help turning out the evangelical vote in 2016.

If I tuned in to Brown’s radio show, what might I hear?
Brown says that if gay people can insist that they were born gay, then we should be able to have a conversation about allowing women to abort pregnancies if the fetus is gay. Brown has written a book titled Outlasting the Gay Revolution: Where Homosexual Activism Is Really Going and How to Turn the Tide. Amazon reviewers point out how helpful the book is, and that it exposes the “gay agenda,” but in a really nice way.

gohmert_rectLouie Gohmert, Texas 1st Congressional District

How Cruz responded to Gohmert’s endorsement:
Cruz announced the endorsement on his website, but didn’t provide a quote from Gohmert, because, as we’ve said before, Cruz is a smart man. Even he is unwilling to quote Gohmert.

Gohmert’s most outrageous positions:
Hard to pick just one. Was it the time he warned the world measles are a liberal plot to gain control of the world by decimating unvaccinated populations? The time he complained about giving criminal suspects their miranda rights, or about President Obama seeking counsel and advice from terrorists? Texas has already elected this walking compendium of conspiracy theories to the House of Representatives. We really don’t want to be on the hook for giving him a direct line to the White House.

By the way, should you want to go look at a list of all the folks who’ve endorsed Ted Cruz, you’ll have to scroll through his announcements, releases, and then search the internet. The page on his campaign website that says it contains endorsements actually gives a file not found message:

Cruz Page Not Found

File not found.

Kind of like the list of current United States Senators endorsing him.


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