In Ironic Twist Ted Cruz Needs Establishment Support to Beat Donald Trump

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Ted Cruz hates the establishment so much that he refers to them as the “Washington Cartel.” But as politics goes, sometimes the enemy of your enemy is your friend.

The Washington Post’s Chris Cillizza says the situation, “is a rock and a hard place choice for establishment Republicans who fear Trump and hate Cruz. And it may be the only choice they have left.”

Just one week after Sen. Lindsey Graham joked that you could kill Ted Cruz on the Senate floor and not be convicted, he told  CBS, “we may be in a position where we have to rally around Ted Cruz as the only way to stop Donald Trump, and I’m not so sure that would work.”

There are only 5 stages of grief: denial, anger, bargaining, depression and acceptance, but the GOP is running out of time to accept the fact their only hope is the guy who rose to prominence by being a thorn in their side.

Cruz only began to loathe the establishment, as part of his persona, after he was rejected by them. He spent years working with George W. Bush angling for a White House job only to be snubbed in the end, because well, no one liked him.

“It was a difficult chapter when you poured your heart into something for two years and the desires of your heart are denied. That’s hard. And particularly when you’re seeing so many of your friends rewarded.”

Cruz wanted all the favors that came with high-level Washington connections, that is, until he realized his only way inside was to pose as an outsider.

Now that Cruz is a US Senator and official DC insider (it’s quite literally his middle name: TeDCruz), he is all but begging Marco Rubio to drop out so that conservatives can rally behind his candidacy. As the establishment has slowly coalesced behind Rubio as their only hope, Cruz is trying to woo them as the only guy who has beaten Trump so far.  But many in the establishment, leary of Cruz but aware of the simple math, are floating the idea of a “unity ticket,” to unite “the outsider and insider factions of the party and [stop]Trump in the process.”

Blowhard in Chief Rush Limbaugh thinks this just won’t happen. He said, “They do not want to unify behind Cruz. That would be their smartest move, but they will not do that.”

That’s great news for Democrats since a new poll shows both Clinton and Sanders beating Trump in the general. GOP officials are also pledging not to support Trump in the general which is no doubt at least a tacit endorsement of the Democratic nominee.

So it appears by the time Republicans are done grieving over their likely nominee, Democrats will be busy uniting not just their party, but the entire nation against the nightmare of a President Trump.

I fully expect Ted Cruz will take this fight to GOP Convention floor and fight to take the nomination from Trump if he doesn’t secure enough delegates outright. That seems like a distinct Plan B, but it could also cause even more division in the Party itself — if that’s even possible.

And just for fun, here is a Bad Lip Reading of Ted Cruz:


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