Gov. Greg Abbott Endorses Ted Cruz for President

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Gov. Greg Abbott endorsed Ted Cruz for President today in Houston just ahead of Super Tuesday. It comes just one night after Donald Trump gained nearly half of the vote in the Nevada caucus and only a month after Abbott took the “wait and see” approach to endorsing a Presidential candidate.  It appears he has now seen enough Trumpmentum, but is it too little too late?

Texas will be a major prize on Tuesday as the GOP desperately tries to dislodge Donald Trump’s yuuuge lead in the polls and his growing delegate count. A Texas Tribune poll shows Cruz still maintains the advantage in the Lone Star State garnering about 37% of likely GOP voters, with Trump in a not so distant 2nd place.

The poll showed a large lead for Cruz among “Tea Party” voters but pollster Jim Henson said, “Donald Trump’s celebrity and substantive appeal — such as it is — clearly has an audience among Texas Republicans.” That is what should curb Cruz’ enthusiasm as the state has witnessed record turnout in the GOP primary so far.

Referring to Cruz as a “Canadian-born Cuban-American,” the Texas Democratic Party took shots at the two statewide elected Republicans as a “perfect match.” In an emailed statement Executive Director Manny Garcia said that, “Neither Republican delivers solutions for Texas families: Cruz is best known for shutting down the U.S. government, costing our economy billions, and Abbott is best known for fanning the flames of conspiracy theorists by ordering the Texas National Guard to monitor our own U.S. Military during Jade Helm 15.”

In order to protect his right flank from Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick, Abbott has sought out some of the most extreme positions possible. That’s true even on what has been non-controversial topics like supporting our US military, and that is what makes it all the more strange that even he has jumped on the Anti-Trump bandwagon. That bandwagon seems to be growing in popularity with almost everyone but actual GOP primary voters.

In the video, Abbott called Cruz a conservative “leader we can trust.” Trust is the buzzword Cruz has built his campaign around even as he is repeatedly accused of unethical campaign tactics and called a liar by both his main competitors Trump and Sen. Marco Rubio.

There was a time when the party was thought to be organizing to box out Cruz, now he maybe their only hope of not getting Trumped.

The Donald is a mess that the GOP created through decades of dog whistles and it is beginning to look like they are powerless to stop him. Trump is a GOP problem for now, but come November, he could become an American problem. The GOP may have to turn their pitch forks from the Democratic nominee towards their own. So in the end, Trump may in fact bring us all together, even if it is just to stop the tragedy of his presidency.



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