Vile and Vicious: Cruz Would Govern with a Gun

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There’s tough talk, and there’s talk that makes people laugh nervously as they slowly back away.

Ted Cruz has the reasonable among us smiling wanly as we check for the nearest exit, carefully measuring how many steps we can put between him and us, and how quickly.

On Friday, January 15, 2016, Cruz was interviewed by South Carolina Attorney Genera Alan Wilson at a forum hosted by the Conservative Leadership Project. The CLP hopes to “categorize and organize each presidential candidates [sic]response from our 2016 presidential forums … to provide you with easily accessible presidential policy perspectives and judicial philosophies all in one place.”

Here’s a clip from the Cruz interview (you may need to turn the sound up to hear it):

The transcript for this 10-second clip:

Wilson: Here’s the question—Obamacare, question mark. You got it.

Cruz: Take it out in the back alley and put two bullets in its head.

For contrast, when Ben Carson, a candidate not known for his in-depth policy positions or, frankly, strong tether to reason or reality, was asked the same question, his response was:

Compared to Cruz’s threat of back alley assassination, mob-style, Carson’s remarks elevate him to statesman level.


Politics is full of martial rhetoric, with candidates promising to win your vote and fight for you, but Ted Cruz has begun to sound less like a political candidate, and more like an angry teenager with an overblown sense of entitlement, a cheek full of chew, and the keys to a jacked-up pick-up truck.

Pretty much everyone in Texas has run into that teenager, and there’s not a person among us who thinks he should even be driving that truck, let alone leading the country.

Keep in mind that the healthcare program Cruz wants to murder in the back alley is the healthcare program that is currently providing coverage for his family. Cruz claims he is merely following the law by getting coverage through the exchange.

Too bad he only follows the law when it comes to health insurance, and not when it comes to reporting million dollar loans on Federal Election Commission filings.

Ted Cruz has neither the temperament nor the talent to be president.

As his personality comes out stronger and stronger on the campaign trail, from his delight in quoting, but missing the point of, the Princess Bride, his bizarre attempts to align himself with the Kennedy clan (or at least their accent), and his ventriloquist-level talent at talking with his mouth closed (on display in the video above), it seems increasingly clear that Ted Cruz does not belong in the White House.

Take it from Texans, we need to do everything we can to prevent him from ending up there.

I think he’d be perfect, however, for the role of District Attorney, disciple of Arthur Branch, in a revival of Law & Order. Let’s see if we can make that happen instead.


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