An Anniversary the State Calendar Missed – But You Won’t

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As we ease on into the new year, I’d like to write about January 1st. According to the Texas House of Representatives calendar hanging on my wall, the 1st marked the following three anniversaries for our great state:

  • In 1863, Galveston was retaken for the Confederacy by General John B. Magruder.
  • In 1882, Charles B. and Jon V. Farrell of Chicago to build the Capitol and accepted, as payment, three million acres of land.
  • In 1937, the first Cotton Bowl game was played. TCU represented the Southwest Conference, and won 16-6.

Burnt Orange Report believes our official state calendar needs to mark a more recent January 1st anniversary—ten years ago today, Monica Roberts hit publish on the first post to her award-winning blog, TransGriot.

The TransGriot blog’s mission is to become the griot of our community. I will introduce you to and talk about your African descended transbrothers and transsisters across the Diaspora, reclaim and document our chocolate flavored trans history, speak truth to power, comment on the things that impact our trans community from an Afrocentric perspective and enlighten you about the general things that go on around me and in the communities that I am a member of.

You can always expect Monica to tell it like it is, and like it should be.

A few samples from her archives:

Shut Up Fool Awards – First Fool of 2016  The first SUF winner of 2016 is a Texan, and nope, he’s not Ted Cruz or the other usual GOP suspects, it’s …

The Fight To Keep HERO – November 2 As I have pointed out repeatedly since last August, I have not been happy about the way this HRC funded campaign has been run from the initial August 12 press conference …

The Cheapness of a Black Life As the mother of two Black sons, I would be lying if I told you that there aren’t nights when I lie awake worried about their future.  I know that this is something all loving parents experience, but how many White parents of White children worry that their child will be perceived of as a threat and summarily shot?

The blog, prolific but never prolix, covers a wide range of topics, from popular culture to local politics to Houston history.

Monica adheres to the trans agenda, which is one all of us in the progressive community better already be behind (ahem):

Trans Agenda

We encourage you to join Monica in the trans agenda, and join all of us in reading TransGriot. 

Happy blogiversary, Monica! Here’s to the next decade of speaking truth to power the way only a Texan can.


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