Classic Blunders: Land Wars in Asia, Bushes on Disaster Recovery

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George P. Bush is just marking time as the Texas Land Commissioner. He’s made it very clear where he’d rather be, and the level of regard he holds for the position:

There’s no better experience than getting involved in a presidential race because you truly do absorb so much more information than say, running for dog catcher like I did in Texas.

If he had read the job description before running, he might have realized just how important to Texans his job actually is. In addition to providing services to veterans of the armed services, his office is “the lead state agency for managing disaster recovery grants.” It says so right on the Land Office’s new website, which I’m assuming he saw, because his social media team sure made a big deal about it.

When he came to the office in January, 2015, relief funds from Hurricanes Ike and Dolly were jammed up in the bureaucracy. Did he turn his attention at once to disbursing these funds?

Nope. According to the Houston Chronicle:

More than a third of the $3 billion in federal disaster recovery funds from hurricanes Ike and Dolly remains unspent seven and a half years after the storms battered the Texas coast.

The only Land Office employee quoted in the article is a Deputy Director of Disaster Recovery.

People, we’re talking about billion-with-a-B levels of funding. When there’s that much money on the line, is it too much to expect at least a statement from the chief dog catcher before the deputy directors are sent to the legislature?

We don’t expect George P. to actually do the work—we’ve seen what happens when we put a Bush in charge of disaster recovery—but taking a break from calling his campaign bundlers to give them jobs that won’t be posted long enough to say I’m on it, we’re prioritizing this, we’ll get it done would suggest that he actually gives two damns about Texans whose lives and livelihoods were completely uprooted by Ike and Dolly.

Ike and Dolly hit in 2008, 6 years before Bush was elected in November, 2014. He’s had a year to cut through red tape and get those funds where they need to go, but clearly, he doesn’t have a utility blade on his dog-catcher’s net.

Do we have to wait for his dad to drop out of the Republican primary before we can expect him to turn his full attention to his actual job?

Texans deserve better.



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