Texas Secessionists Now Have Their Candidate And He’s A Former Legislator

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Texas Nationalists are feeling their oats. After collecting tens of thousands of signatures, and getting their secession question in front of the GOP’s state executive committee, they now have a candidate and former legislator who supports their cause.

On the question of secession, state representative candidate Jim Landtroop said, “I will fall on the sword for Texas’ right to govern themselves,” and with a smirk he added, “I am open to any measure or means necessary in order to do that.”

The incumbant Representative John Frullo brushed aside the idea of secession as merely fantasy. “Secession is one of those things that we all like to talk about, we dream about we feel that we can do better individually as Texans and as well as a state if we didn’t have Washington D.C. out there helping us,” he said, “So that’s the exciting part, if you look into the reality, it becomes a lot more complex.

Actually, it is as simple as “can’t happen, won’t happen,” and it has been that way for about 150 years.

Frullo is a proud supporter of House Speaker Joe Straus, whose moderate-conservative leadership has become a rally cry for grassroots Tea Partiers and astroturf conservatives. These RINO hunters have set their sights on legislators who they deem weak-kneed on both economic and social issues.

Landtroop says, “I’m not going to be held accountable to the Speaker, I want to be held accountable to the people of this district.” His supporters already blame the Speaker for targeting him during redistricting, where he was drawn out in 2011.

Landtroop is touting himself as the true conservative in the race, “You take the conservative issues — whether they’re social or economic issues, border security or second amendment or pro-life or taxes — you can go down the line and see why I was ranked one of the most conservative. That’s who I am.”

This comes as the GOP’s intraparty struggle over the secession question threatens to overthrow the current state Chair Tom Mechler. Last weekend the Party’s executive committee shot down putting the idea of a secession vote on the ballot, but it had high-level support including from one of the leaders against Houston’s Equal Rights Ordinance (HERO), former Harris County GOP Chair Jared Woodfill. The Quorum Report reports:

While that debate played out, former Harris County GOP Chairman Jared Woodfill, the likely challenger to Mechler, was glad-handing and lending his support to the secession resolution. Woodfill has all but announced for the chairmanship and is thought of as something of a folk hero to some far-right activists for his quite visible role in the defeat of the Houston Equal Rights Ordinance.

So it could very well be that the GOP leader of the largest Red state may actually be working towards leaving the Union? Talk about ensuring the GOP will never win a national (US) election!

In 2013, the White House responded to a petition asking if Texas could secede, and predictably the answer was, “no.” And in 2006, Anton Scalia, arguably the most conservative Justice on the Supreme Court wrote, “[The] answer is clear. If there was any constitutional issue resolved by the Civil War, it is that there is no right to secede.” 

Ultimately, it will be left up to the GOP to sort out their own mess, and they only have themselves to blame for fueling paranoia and anti-federal government sentiment. The Party that used to wrap itself in the flag now wants a wardrobe change. The same way they have enveloped themselves into an echo chamber where bad press is good press, hearing “nope” from national leaders only reinforces their enthusiasm for rebellion.

Video: KCBD NewsChannel 11 Lubbock


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