Men of the Left: Unless You Write for Cat Fancy, Check Yourselves

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I’ve got one question for Jason Easley, Publisher/Editor in Chief of PoliticsUSA:

If it isn’t OK for a Fox talking head to use a sexist slur when speaking about President Obama, why do you think it is OK for you use the same word to insult President George W. Bush?

You may have seen this call to action, a response to a Fox broadcast segment during which a novelist and former U.S. Army Lt. Col. used a sexist slur to describe President Obama:

In Easley’s article on PoliticsUSA, a blog he characterizes as “liberal and independent,” he excoriates Fox for allowing a guest to insult the current commander in chief, and then goes on to describe* the former commander in chief this way:

A real p***y invades Iraq and gives up on finding Osama Bin Laden. A true coward sends young American men and women off to war on false pretenses so that he can win another election.

Fox News owes the President an apology for their disrespect.

You can sign our petition here telling Fox News to apologize to Obama.

If we’re going to talk about demanding things and petitions …

Where do I go to sign the petition demanding that liberal men, progressive men, and any and all reasonable men who claim to be our allies stop using sexist language to belittle anyone of any gender?

If you think that the best way to insult a man is to imply that he is somehow feminine, or a woman, or a very specific part of a woman, it isn’t really the man you are insulting.

I don’t care if you cuss like a stevedore, as long as your cussing is gender neutral.

When you call a man a pussy to underscore your disdain for him, you are no better than the dolt on Fox who did the same when referring to President Obama.

This goes for expressions like man up, or saying someone has the balls to do something, too. Stop using them. They’re sexist.

Neither courage nor cowardice are produced in our reproductive organs. 

Men of the left, please. Check yourselves.

We’ve had a long eight years calling out racism directed at our current president; we’re getting hoarse denouncing the terrifyingly racist and anti-Islamic rhetoric the Republican candidates are using to curry favor with their primary voters. We could use a break from the sexist phone calls coming from inside the house.


*And yes, I used a do not link link to connect you, dear reader, to the PoliticsUSA post. I don’t think the site should be rewarded for a comment like that with increased traffic.


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