Council Member Richard Nguyen’s Signs Defaced with Swastikas

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As if today could get any worse …

On day 2 of early voting for Houston’s December 12th runoff elections, vandals are defacing campaign signs in and around Alief, a diverse neighborhood on the city’s southwest side.

The target is incumbent Council Member Richard Nguyen.

Rather than just spray painting over the name so it can’t be read, someone has opted to cover his signs in swastikas.

Nguyen won over many in the city when, in an emotional speech, he explained why he was voting in favor of Houston’s Equal Rights Ordinance:

It is rare and courageous for a public servant—a term we are rarely able to use un-ironically when it comes to most Texas politicians these days—to speak so candidly about changing positions on an issue.

Nguyen is a refugee whose family fled South Vietnam by boat, leaving Saigon right after its fall in 1975. You can learn more about his background, beliefs, and supporters on his website.

For information on where and when to vote in Houston’s runoff, either early (now through December 8th) or on election day (Saturday, December 12th), visit

Let’s hope that his opponent quickly denounces this vandalism.

And let’s hope Thursday is a better day for all of us, everywhere.

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