Debate Wrap Up: Let’s Give Fox the Last Word

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And now for something completely different.

My nomination for best post-debate commentary goes to Megyn Kelly and Charles Krauthammer on Fox “News.”

Megan Kelly:

It’s different to see the candidates up there not going after each other anywhere near (sic) as much as we saw in the Republican debate, so is this a better process for Democrats than it is for Republicans who emerged, you know, with more damage after their debate?

Before you quote tweet this with “What she said” as your cute addendum, check out how Charles answered Megyn.

Charles Krauthammer:

There’s no doubt about it. I thought Anderson was tough in his questions but each was tough to a candidate in terms of their own history or in terms of contradictions. It was not pitting one candidate against another, as happened on the other CNN debate among Republicans, which was a way to set up a food fight, a kind of Roman coliseum clash, and it was ugly and it created a lot of negatives for the Republicans.

Don’t believe me? Watch for yourself:

So much to love here. Let’s limit it to five.

The Five Best Things Megyn and Charles Say About the Republican Debate while Talking About the Democratic Debate

  1. Megyn: It’s “different” to see candidates not go after each other up there. Wow, that must have felt like quite the impressive self-editing understatement. Maybe what Megyn was trying to say was, “Why the hell didn’t Hillary let into smart, sexy Anderson the way Trump lit into me?”
  2. Megyn: The Republicans emerged with “damage” after their debate. Hmmmm. That would suggest that not everyone likes to bash Mexican-Americans, immigrants, Muslims, women, LGBTQI Americans, science and Carly Fiorina’s looks. But that would suggest everyone is not already a part of the Hard Right Mind Meld Media (HRMMM™) . Stop it right now, Megyn. Cue Charles.
  3. Charles: Throws CNN under the bus! Way to go with the Fox team play, Charles! That negative Republican debate was all CNN’s fault. Forget that Trump-Megyn-eye-blood thing from the first debate on Fox. Please.
  4. Charles: Food fight! Has anyone seen Sen. John Blutarsky? Is he holed up with the Freedom Caucus coming up with ways to topple Rep. Paul Ryan?
  5. Charles: Forget the food fight–THE REPUBLICAN DEBATE WAS A ROMAN COLISEUM CLASH. (Again, there have been two debates and I’d very much like to know which one was the gladiator clash.) Which explains everything we need to understand about the Republican debates, the candidates and even the moderators. No blood, no debate. No wonder Bernie having the best line of the night in defense of Hillary blew up the Twitters. #tcot was imploding.

Thanks for the explanation, Megyn and Charles. See you on the next installment of Idiocracy: The Series on Fox Business News in November!



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