What the P Really Stands For in George P. Bush

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The Houston Chronicle, analyzing publicly-available information, suggests that the P just might stand for Part-Time:

Texas Land Commissioner George P. Bush has been out of the state or otherwise off of work nearly half of the time since his father entered the GOP race for president, records show, raising questions about whether the scion is fulfilling his pledge to remain focused on his first elected office.

Personal time – both related to the presidential race and for other reasons – took the commissioner away for the equivalent of 23 of the first 50 work days after father Jeb Bush announced his bid on June 15, according to a Houston Chronicle analysis of records obtained under the Public Information Act. The total includes 15 full days off and dozens of smaller chunks of time off on other work days that add up to eight more days.

P might also stand for the fact that there’s precedent for the supposition that a Bush elected to public office might be stretching the limits of acceptable vacation time. After all, analysis shows that President George W. Bush took 533 vacation days during his two terms—that’s 18% of his presidency. [If you or I took 10 vacation days a year during that same period, that would represent just 3% of our time at work between January 20, 2001 and January 20, 2009. We all get 10 paid vacation days a year apart from federal holidays, right?]

Of course, maybe it stands for pedantic or peeved.  George P. himself snipped at his critics during an interview with the Texas Tribune, insisting that just because he’s not in the office doesn’t mean he’s not working:

“There’s a lot of work accomplished when you’re not physically in the office, and I think people recognize that.”

Work like this?

George P. Bush Gets Down To Alamo Cat's Level

So, that’s perhaps one more possibility, George Pussycat Bush. Because the Texas General Land Office’s social media team is ON IT when it comes to Bella the Alamo Cat and cat gifs:

Bella gif

Yes, he’s been in office most of this year, and already, Land Commissioner George P. Bush has brought more cat pictures to the internet than any of his predecessors.

And you guys, he hates Comic Sans as much as the rest of us do! One of his First 100 Days’ priorities was banning its usage at the agency!*

Give Comic Sans the Boot

And really, isn’t that what Texans look for in a land commissioner?

Well, no, actually, it isn’t.

For all of our sakes’, but especially for the sake of the veterans who depend upon the Texas General Land Office for advocacy, care, housing, and financial support, let’s hope that the Commissioner will take the criticism of his part-time approach to a full-time job to heart.


* Well, actually, it was an April Fool’s joke. So, those who write passive-aggressive missives to tape to the break room fridge are free to indulge in all of the Comic Sans they can print on the taxpayer dime.


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