Guns, Alcohol and the Confederate Fail Army

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It appears Rick Perry is unraveling before our very eyes. At this point it seems a stretch that his volunteer-led campaign can even make it to 2016. Ted Cruz on the other hand is treading water while Trump continues his ascension, and Carsen leap frogs the Canadian ex-pat.

The culture war is intensifying as the Confederacy looks to hold on to any shred of relevancy. They were booed out of DC and the statue of Jefferson Davis at UT was finally removed, but their “heritage” is alive and well in the rhetoric of the GOP’s top contenders, especially Donald Trump. The Donald has become the hero of the White Nationalist xenophobia movement, anti-immigrant and anti-diversity.

We also saw conspiracy minded former skeptics of government force and surveillance become law enforcement’s biggest supporters after a mentally ill black man killed a white off duty Deputy.

The rest is the good, bad, and ugly about guns and alcohol in Texas. Don’t miss this episode! Please subscribe on iTunes and let us know what you think about the show, or what you’d like to hear at @LeftInTexas on Twitter.

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Hat tip to Brian Stansbury for the images and video from the DC rally.

Show notes:

  • Texans for Presidents
    • Rick Perry
      • campaign crashes in Iowa and New Hampshire, Trump declares dead
      • Perry says, “broken clock right once a day.”
    • Ted Cruz leads charge for preachers, and against Planned Parenthood, could shut down federal govt. again. Also standing behind Kim Davis
  • Jefferson Davis comes down, atty for Confederates is not happy
  • Harris Co. Deputy shot: Right-wing bi-passes mental heath to connect shooting to BLM.
    • Gov. calls for statewide remembrance
    • Dan Patrick wants you to buy a cop lunch
    • Racists wants you to shoot at BlackLivesMatters protester “thugs.”
  • Police in San Antonio shoot man with hands up
  • Birth Certificate case to be heard in Oct., State won’t issue documents to undocumented parents of US Citizens
  • Abortion will be big issue next session thanks to PP videos
  • Welcome to Texas: Guns and Alcohol Edition
    • Crowlers illegal says TABC
    • TSU students gets Barbie Jeep to ride around campus after DWI
    • Man arrested after punching an Austin Police Department Mounted Unit–a horse named Sam
    • Kid shoots himself taking selfie with gun
  • Will Film Incentive Program Cuts Drive Video Game Companies Out of Texas?

VIDEO: Sons of Confederate Veterans attorney and admitted “not” white supremacist Kirk Lyons, argues with current UT students about Jefferson Davis and white supremacy.

Protesters burn Confederate Flag:


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