Petition For Greg Abbott To Save Confederacy From ISIS, & “Homofascists”

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Last week was a complete circus, so no surprise Imad and I just recorded our longest show ever. Normally a couple of ridiculous stories keeps things interesting, but we’re starting to encounter dangerous volumes of absurdity.

Longhorn and Governor Greg Abbott has remained silent on the ongoing effort by the Confederacy to save the Jefferson Davis Statue. They’ve compared UT students to ISIS and are now petitioning Abbott to weigh in, but so far the Gov. has been mum.

Ken Paxton was reindicted and Rick Perry (still indicted) says he shouldn’t step down.

Our Ag Commissioner refused to apologize for a Facebook post that suggested nuking the entire Middle East to end terrorism. These right-wingers should realize they would not be doing Israel any favors by exposing it to nuclear fallout, but I digress…

Next week we might have a special guest to liven up the debate (hint: a conservative)! Thanks for listening and please subscribe to Left in Texas on iTunes or where ever you get your favorite podcasts!

Stories we cover in this week’s show:

  • Confederates gofundme page and petition Gov. Abbott to keep Jefferson Davis statue in place.
  • Texas Ag Commissioner Sid Miller shares Facebook photo about bombing the ‘Muslim World’
  • Abbott posts post about ascension of Mary, Evangelicals go mad.
  • Ken Paxton reindicted
    Perry says he shouldn’t step down.
  • Trump pushes Cruz out of 1st in Texas
    • Inspires hate crime, claims supporters “passionate”
    • Says he will fight Black Lives Matter or any protester getting on stage
  • Cruz battles Ellen Page on 1st Amendment
  • Texas GOPer Calls for Driving Gay People Out of Houston, Treating Them Like the Nazis in World War II
  • Low Oil Prices Pose Threat to Texas Fracking Bonanza
  • Ashley Madison website lists Austin as 2nd most adulterous city in America.
    • leaks expose Texas Lege and Governor’s mansion address
    • Josh Duggar is a tool.

Welcome to Texas:

  • Texas legislature honors Jared Fogle
  • SA News post high def video of two girls fighting on 6th St. “Social media amazed by high-def video of ‘girl fight on 6th Street’
  • Austin Woman Hits Teen With Car, Drives Away Thinking It Was Prank
  • HFISD offers statement on death of Hampshire teen
  • Texas police could soon be patrolling for marijuana in armored vehicles
  • Season 7 of The Walking Dead to start filming in Katy Texas
  • Blue Bell is Back! But Listeria contamination in Blue Bell plants goes back 2 years



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