How Rick Perry Is Spending Tonight Instead of Debating

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Rick Perry got some rough news on Tuesday night–he’s too low in the polls to make it to the stage for tonight’s big boy debate on Fox News. Instead, he had to take a seat at the kids table with the rest of the candidates polling under the margin of error for the pre-prime time debate on Fox.

So now, Rick Perry is stuck on the sidelines, forced to wach the candidates with supporters on TV just like the rest of us. While none of us can know exactly what his plans are for tonight, here at BOR, we had a few ideas.

We’re guessing that Perry’s night probably includes some weeping.

And perhaps some time eating his feelings.

Followed by more weeping.

If he’s smart, he should use the time watching the debate stage as an opportunity to practice his counting skills.

Screen Shot 2015-08-06 at 6.16.17 PM

But in all honesty, he’s probably just weeping.


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