Oklahoma Residents Greet President Obama With Row of Confederate Flags

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Air Force One landed Texas today at a Grayson County airfield, as the President traveled to Durant High School in Oklahoma. He spoke about expanding opportunities for communities including the Choctaw Nation.

Unfortunately, some Oklahoma residents used the opportunity to “stand up” for their “heritage” by holding a Confederate flag rally in Durant.

The above image, provided to Burnt Orange Report, was taken earlier today. The rally attracted media attention, as the protestors were reportedly forced to change locations several times.

From CBS affiliate KXII:

They say their demonstration is not a protest against the President’s visit, but a way to showcase what the Confederate flag means to them.

“The reason that we’re out here is to stand up for our heritage and stand up for the Confederate flag, and stand up for the Civil War veterans that died for that flag,” said Angel Pride.

“Stand up for the Confederate flag”?

The Confederate Flag is a symbol of racism and hate. Greeting our country’s first Black President in such a manner shows not only a lack of respect for our Commander in Chief, but also a disdain for our nation, the United States.

Lest we forget, just last month our nation (well, most of our nation) mourned the racially motivated mass murder of 9 black parishioners in a Charleston church by a young white man who draped himself in the Confederate flag. By adorning their trucks with the same avowed banner of racism, these individuals are visually aligning themselves with that murderer.

Make no mistake: these folks think their best way to greet the leader of our nation and our first Black President is to celebrate an emblem of the enslavement of African Americans. A Black President whose own wife descended from slaves.

This may be in Oklahoma but make no mistake, these same attitudes exist on the other side of the Red River as well.

Folks who know these specific hate-mongers and others who act like them ought to have a talk about what it is they think they’re doing by echoing the imagery of a man who wanted to start a race war.

Because staging a lookalike Klan rally is simply unacceptable.

An earlier version of this post mis-identified the location of the “heritage rally.”


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