What Is Sen. Joan Huffman Hiding? Profits & A Little Discrimination?

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The Lone Star Project launched a website posing that very question.

To be precise, let’s call it what is Sen. Joan Huffman trying to hide, because thanks to diligent reporting and an ethics complaint filed by Texas Democratic Party executive committee member Carol Wheeler, we’re getting a pretty good picture of what has been left off Huffman’s reports.

The list of companies in the complaint guides you to the names of some of the nightclubs Huffman’s husband, Keith Lawyer, owns. It includes such fine establishments as the Cactus Canyon in Victoria, where, in 2013, two men were ushered out for dancing together in violation of a bar policy forbidding men from dancing together to country western music. Not women, just men.

The club’s spokesperson, Roger Gearhart, said on the record:

For many decades, it’s acceptable for women to dance together in all kinds of club; country western, Top 40, etc. But it’s not acceptable for men to dance together in this type of business that we run.

Gearhart and Lawyer, Huffman’s husband, are partners in Longview Tex NP, Inc., according to documents filed with the Texas Secretary of State. That’s a different company, by the way, than the one which operates Cactus Canyon.

Who else shows up in the business filings for companies Senator Huffman wants very much to keep out of her finance reports?

Andres Schatte, of ASKL Investments, LLC, for one. You may not recall Andres Schatte from 2012, when corruption charges against him were dropped, but the internet does.

I’m just a humble blogger. I lack a big conference room with white boards on which I could stick up pictures and documents, drawing lines and circling the connections that show a pattern, like they do in the cop shows.

But again, the internet is here, and we all have access to it. Lone Star Project has provided some great links to get everyone started. Let’s find out what else Joan Huffman was hoping to hide with her loophole. Let’s get all her cards out on the table. And then, let’s run someone against her, because Texas deserves better.



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