Friday Wrap: Watch out for Dave

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It’s Friday! Time for your Burnt Orange Reporters to close some browser tabs and touch on the issues of the week.


    When Daves attack:

    A 6’6″ kangaroo named Dave is terrorizing suburban Brisbane, and The New York Times highlights a college essay about The Daves.

    Katherine Haenschen


    Not only was he awesome in Mad Max, Tom Hardy followed it up by not having ANY time for your casual sexism, thank you very much. #swoon

    Genevieve Cato


    Will Hurd is having a fundraiser in San Antonio hosted by none other than… Dick Cheney! For a donation of $2500 the ex-VP will shoot you in the face, and for a full $5000 he’ll waterboard you in front of the rest of the guests!

    Katherine Haenschen


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