Jade Helm & The Alex Jones-Greg Abbott Billionaire Connection

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The national and state media has focused a lot of attention on Governor Greg Abbott for giving legs to an otherwise going nowhere conspiracy theory that the special forces exercise Jade Helm 15 was about preparing for Obama’s impending Martial Law.

The media has down played such theories, President Obama’s spokesperson laughed it off, and GOP ‘RINOs‘ have chimed in on how embarrassing the episode is for their party — all the more reason for real liberty-loving conservatives to be leary, right?

That’s where Alex Jones comes in. According to Forbes, (or anyone who has heard his show) Jones “believes that a pan-global cabal of the super-rich, with its origins in a century-old cult called the Illuminati, is conspiring to exterminate most of the world’s population and enslave the rest.”

He has done more than his fair share to keep Austin weird by using his paranoia fueled “infowars” brand to built a cottage industry warning of a globalist takeover. He’s grown from pushing amateur DVDs like “Dark Secrets: Inside Bohemian Grove,” of his footage infiltrating billionaire playgrounds, to selling (out?) his own male and female enhancement supplements “Secret 12” (get them now before it’s too late!).

One thing anyone who has watched Jones over the years knows, it’s that the wealthy elites are the puppet masters grabbing for your guns, and your rights. However, Jones raised some eyebrows in his championing of the Governor’s move to put the State Guard on U.S. military watch duty. While fawning over Abbott, Jones revealed that he has some pretty chummy relationships with “multiple billionaires.”

After admitting to “somewhat knowing” Abbott Chief of Staff he said, “I happen to know multiple billionaires that know the Governor very well, and have had dinner with him, and he has stayed at their house, and they tell me he knows exactly what is going on.”

It’s enough to make you wonder if the feeling is mutual. Jones goes on to say that he has “a lot of angles on Greg Abbott,” and “he is, like, super good. Super good.” Even though Greg Abbott served as Attorney General for nearly a decade, and won his gubernatorial primary without a serious challenge, Jones is convinced the establishment “absolutely hate[s]his guts.”

Greg Abbott isn’t the only familiar name Jones mentions in the 5 minute endorsement video. He also talks about the time he was in a movie directed by Chuck Norris’ son that is part of the “Chuck Norris constellation” (whatever that means). But, yes, Jones does have a movie career in which he has played himself on multiple occasions.

charlie-sheen-alex-jonesBut who is the @RealAlexJones — the man? Some think he is the late culture critic and comedian Bill Hicks now working for the establishment to discredit exposure of real conspiracies, as outlined in several YouTube documentaries, and by some of the people who like this Facebook fan page.

But seriously, hanging out with billionaires, movie stars and establishment politicians? Can someone tell us what is really going on here?

If I could transcribe this post to video, it would probably look something like this:

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