Guest Post: Ted Cruz vs. the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce

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Ted Cruz is meeting with the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce today. Thanks to the DNC for this look at the potential awkwardness that will ensue.

Today Ted Cruz is meeting with the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce in Washington DC to explain his positions on issues that matter to the Hispanic business community. Hope he has enough time blocked off on his calendar, because he’s got a lot of explaining to do and it’s probably going to be pretty awkward.

On immigration reform:

    Hispanic Chamber of Commerce: “The United States Hispanic Chamber of Commerce (USHCC) strongly urges Congress to set aside political posturing, embrace the economic imperative of comprehensive immigration reform, and pass long overdue legislation now.”


    Ted Cruz: Voted against comprehensive immigration reform in the United States Senate, called it “a disaster.”

On the Affordable Care Act:

    Hispanic Chamber of Commerce: “The USHCC has been a vocal advocate of ACA, and we are proud to support initiatives that educate and empower America’s small businesses and workers, specifically those that provide useful tools that increase their knowledge on how ACA will impact their lives.”


    Ted Cruz: Led the push to shut down the government in an attempt to stop the Affordable Care Act.

On climate change:

    Hispanic Chamber of Commerce: “It’s important for all of us to collaborate to protect our environment from harmful climate change. Majorities of people, including Latinos, agree that action is needed.”


    Ted Cruz: “In the last 17 years, satellite data shows there’s been no warming whatsoever.”

On LGBT rights:

    Hispanic Chamber of Commerce: “We believe that discrimination against any group poses a serious threat to a healthy and thriving business environment.”


    Ted Cruz: Stood with Indiana Governor Mike Pence who signed a law that would allow business owners to discriminate against LGBT Americans and introduced legislation to stop gay marriage.


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