Blue Bell’s Listeria Hysteria Vs Sid Miller’s Freedom Fries

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It’s been a pretty sickening week in Texas food politics. First, Blue Bell voluntarily pulled all of its products from store shelves driving some people to go completely mad and make Tea Party styled yard signs to show their support for the Listeria-laced creamery. You’d swear Obama himself came down from Washington, D.C. and shutdown Blue Bell via executive order. Come and Take It, you say? Keep it, and we’ll call it Natural self-Selection.

Filed under Texas Ag Commissioner Sid Miller’s growing tab of unforced errors, he has now called for ending the ban on deep fried foods in public school cafeterias — because freedom. Seriously, that may be the tongue in cheek tagline of Left in Texas, but it is also Miller’s expressed reason for his initiative to give every Texas school child greater access to obesity and diabetes.

Miller wasn’t alone in his quest to embarrass a high elected office in the state of Texas. Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick’s “Grassroots Advisory Board” called Gov. Abbott’s pre-K plan “Godless” and “socialist.” This wasn’t meant as a hyperbolic statement, this was a full-blown conspiracy-minded, ALL-CAPS laden, typo-filed rant against public education. The only thing they didn’t include was pictures of themselves burning coloring books.

But alas this is what we get when we don’t vote. Texas are you getting this? Oh yea, let’s not forget that the GOP is trying to undermine the one agency we have to hold them accountable — even while the Attorney General is under threat of indictment.

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